Whats A Redbone

What’s a Redbone?

A Redbone is a breed of hunting dog that originated in the Southern United States. They are known for their distinctive reddish-brown coat and keen hunting abilities. Redbones are a popular breed for hunting small game like raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits. They are also used as treeing dogs to alert their handlers when they have treed quarry such as raccoons or squirrels.

Appearance and characteristics:

Redbones are medium-sized dogs with a muscular build. They typically stand around 22-27 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 45-70 pounds. Their coats are short and smooth and come in a variety of shades of red, ranging from a deep mahogany to a lighter, more orange shade. The breed’s eyes are typically brown or hazel.

Redbones are known for being energetic, outgoing, and affectionate. They are loyal and friendly dogs that are great with children, making them popular family pets. Some Redbones can be stubborn, so early obedience training is important. They are also known to be vocal dogs and can be prone to barking if they sense something out of the ordinary.

Hunting abilities:

As mentioned, Redbones are bred for hunting. They have a keen sense of smell and a strong work ethic. They are tenacious hunters that will not give up until they have caught their prey. Redbones are often used for hunting small game that lives in trees, as they instinctively know how to “tree” quarry.

One of the reasons Redbones are so versatile is their ability to adapt to different hunting styles. Some Redbones are used for hunting in packs, while others work independently. They are also adaptable to hunting different types of game. Redbones can be trained to hunt anything from rabbits to large game like deer or black bear.

Comparison to Similar Breeds:

Redbones are often compared to other coonhound breeds like the Bluetick Coonhound and the Black and Tan Coonhound. While there are similarities between these breeds, there are also some key differences.

The Bluetick Coonhound is similar in size and appearance to the Redbone, but their coat is predominantly blue and black with a few tan markings. Blueticks are also known for being more vocal than Redbones, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. While Redbones are primarily used for treeing small game, Blueticks are used for both treeing and trailing larger game like mountain lions or bears.

The Black and Tan Coonhound is larger than the Redbone, weighing between 65-100 pounds. Their coat is predominantly black and tan, as their name suggests. Black and Tan Coonhounds are primarily used for treeing and trailing large game like bear, cougar, or wild boar. They are also known for being “harder to handle” than Redbones due to their size and stubbornness.


Q: Are Redbones good family pets?
A: Yes, Redbones are great family pets. They are loyal and friendly dogs that are good with children.

Q: Are Redbones good apartment dogs?
A: No, Redbones are not good apartment dogs. They are energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise and space to run around.

Q: Are Redbones good with other dogs?
A: Yes, Redbones are typically good with other dogs. They are social dogs that enjoy the company of other canines.

Q: How much exercise does a Redbone need?
A: Redbones need a moderate amount of exercise. They should be walked or allowed to run off-leash in a safe, enclosed area for at least 30 minutes per day.

Q: Can Redbones be trained to hunt?
A: Yes, Redbones are bred for hunting and are typically easy to train for this purpose.

Overall, the Redbone is a versatile and loyal breed that is great for hunting and as a family pet. They are energetic dogs that require plenty of exercise and early training, but their affectionate personalities make them a popular choice for many dog owners.