What Time Does McDonalds Start Lunch

McDonald’s is one of the leading fast-food chains in the world, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. With over 38,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries worldwide, McDonald’s is known for its convenience, affordability, and quality. For those who are curious about what time McDonald’s starts serving lunch, this article aims to provide answers and relevant information.

What Time Does McDonald’s Start Serving Lunch?

The answer to this question varies from one McDonald’s location to another. Generally, most McDonald’s restaurants start serving lunch at 10:30 AM. However, this may differ depending on the franchise’s manager, location, and demand. Some locations may start serving lunch earlier or later than the usual time, depending on various factors.

It is also important to note that McDonald’s operates 24 hours in some locations, so the timing for when lunch starts for those locations may differ. Therefore, it is advisable to contact your local McDonald’s restaurant to confirm the start time for lunch.

What Is On McDonald’s Lunch Menu?

McDonald’s lunch menu offers a wide range of meals that customers can select from, depending on their tastes and preferences. The options on the menu include:

1. Big Mac: This is a popular hamburger option that is made with two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and sesame seed buns.

2. Quarter Pounder with Cheese: Another popular hamburger option that features a quarter-pound beef patty, cheese, onions, pickles, and ketchup on a sesame seed bun.

3. McNuggets: This is a chicken nugget option that comes with dipping sauces and is available in different portion sizes.

4. Salads: McDonald’s lunch menu also includes a variety of salads that are made with fresh ingredients and dressings.

5. Wraps: For those who prefer a lighter lunch option, McDonald’s offers wraps, which are made with grilled chicken or crispy chicken.

6. Fries: McDonald’s lunch menu also includes fries, which can be purchased in different sizes.

7. Beverages: McDonald’s offers a variety of beverages, such as soft drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and milkshakes, to accompany customers’ meals.

Does McDonald’s Offer Any Special Deals for Lunchtime?

McDonald’s offers various special deals for its customers, including those who order lunch. The restaurant has a value menu that features meals that cost less than $5. There are also daily deals that customers can enjoy, such as “McPick 2 for $5,” which allows customers to choose two items from a list of selected meals for a flat fee of $5.

Furthermore, McDonald’s has a mobile app that customers can download to their smartphones to access exclusive deals and discounts. The app offers various coupons and promotions that can be used during lunchtime.


1. Can I Customize My Lunch Order at McDonald’s?

Yes, McDonald’s allows customers to customize their orders based on their preferences. Customers can add or remove ingredients from their orders, or create entirely new meals by customizing their orders.

2. Can I Place My Lunch Order Online?

Yes, McDonald’s provides several ways to place an order, including through its online ordering system or mobile app. Customers can also place their orders through third-party delivery services, such as Uber Eats or Postmates.

3. Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, McDonald’s does not serve breakfast all day. The restaurant has specific hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast menu is served until 10:30 AM, after which the lunch menu is served.

4. Are There Any Healthy Options on McDonald’s Lunch Menu?

Yes, McDonald’s offers several healthy options on its lunch menu, such as salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, and wraps. These meals are made with fresh ingredients and are generally lower in calories than some of the restaurant’s other options.


1. Tom visits his local McDonald’s restaurant at 11:00 AM and orders a Big Mac meal with fries and a Coke. He receives his order within a few minutes and enjoys his lunch while watching people pass by.

2. Jane decides to order her lunch from McDonald’s through the restaurant’s mobile app. She selects a Crispy ChickenWrap and an iced tea, and the order is delivered to her door within 30 minutes.


In conclusion, McDonald’s lunch service starts at 10:30 AM in most of its locations. However, the exact start time may vary depending on the restaurant’s franchisee agreement, location, or demand. The restaurant’s lunch menu offers a variety of meals that customers can choose from, including hamburgers, chicken nuggets, salads, and wraps. McDonald’s also provides several ways for customers to place their lunch orders, such as through online ordering systems or delivery services. Additionally, various special deals and discounts are available during lunchtime, so customers can save money while enjoying their meals.