What Is The Difference Between Uber X And Uber Xl

As the popularity of ride-sharing continues to grow, there has been a notable increase in the number of companies that provide these services to consumers. One of the most popular ride-sharing companies out there is Uber, which operates in numerous countries all over the world. Within the Uber platform, there are different ride options available to users, including Uber X and Uber XL. In this article, we will take a closer look at the differences between these two ride services.

What is Uber X?

Uber X is a basic ride-sharing option that is available within the Uber platform. This service can hold up to four passengers and is usually a compact or mid-size car. Uber X has lower rates compared to other Uber services, making it a popular choice. The service can be hired through the Uber app, and ride costs are calculated based on distance and time traveled.

What is Uber XL?

Uber XL, on the other hand, is a larger ride-sharing option that caters to those riders who need a larger vehicle or have multiple passengers. With Uber XL, you can take up to six passengers, and the vehicle is usually an SUV or minivan. This means that you can fit more people and luggage in the car, which is great for families or groups travelling together.

Difference between Uber X and Uber XL

The primary difference between Uber X and Uber XL is the size of the vehicle. While both services operate within the same Uber platform, Uber X is suitable for four passengers and a compact or mid-size car, whereas Uber XL is suitable for up to six passengers and an SUV or minivan. This means that the Uber XL ride can be more comfortable for larger groups or those with bulky luggage.

Another key difference between Uber X and Uber XL is the price. The rates for both these services are calculated based on the same pricing structure, which is determined by distance and time traveled. However, Uber XL is usually more expensive as it offers a larger vehicle.

When to use Uber X

Uber X can be an excellent option if you’re a solo rider or traveling with just one or two other people. If you are looking to save money on transportation costs, Uber X is also an excellent choice as it is relatively more affordable than other rideshare services.

When to use Uber XL

For those travelers who have a group of colleagues or family members that are traveling together, Uber XL is a perfect option. It provides ample space for more people and luggage, making your ride experience more comfortable. If you are carrying bulky items like sports equipment or musical instruments, Uber XL can be an excellent choice.

Additional Information

One thing to keep in mind when using either Uber X or Uber XL is the amount of time it takes for the ride to arrive. In some cases, the Uber driver may not have the exact car type specified in their profile, leading to a longer wait time for a larger car.

Another thing to note is that the availability of both services may vary depending on your location, time of day, and demand. Therefore, check the app before making your request to ensure the desired ride option is available.


Whether you are traveling in a small group or a larger group, Uber’s services offer viable transportation options for riders. Uber X is best suited for individuals or small groups, while Uber XL is the preferred choice for large groups or those who require more space. Regardless of which service you choose, Uber’s platform makes it easy to book a ride in just a few clicks, providing a safe and convenient way to travel from one point to another.