What Is An Alicorn

An Alicorn – An Enigmatic Creature of Myth and Folklore

Alicorn is a mythical creature that is increasingly becoming popular in the world of fantasy fiction, gaming, and pop culture. Though centuries have passed, the idea of an animal with wings and a horn on its head still captures the imagination of millions around the world. In this article, we’ll explore what exactly is an alicorn, the history behind it, and its place in modern-day pop culture.

What is an Alicorn?

An Alicorn, also spelled as Alacorn, is a mythical creature that is a combination of a horse and a unicorn. An Alicorn is said to possess the traits of both animals, including the strength and speed of a horse, and the magical gift of the unicorn. The most striking feature of an Alicorn is the horn on its forehead and the wings on its back that enable it to fly.

In different cultures, the Alicorn is known by different names. In Islam, it is referred to as a Narwhal; the Chinese call it a Qilin, while in Western cultures, it is referred to as a unicorn. The history of the Alicorn can be traced back to ancient Greek mythology, where it was believed to be the messenger of the gods.

Alicorns in Mythology

Mythology is rife with unsolved mysteries, and the mythology surrounding Alicorns is no exception. While popular culture tends to glorify these creatures, the mythology behind them tells a far more complicated tale. In Greek mythology, Alicorns were considered to be loyal companions of the gods and mythical beings. However, they were also sometimes considered to be mischievous, and naughty creatures, capable of causing destruction.

Alicorns in folklore are believed to hold magical powers like fertility, purity, and healing. Historically, the horn or alicorn of the creature was highly sought after for its supposed medicinal properties, hence the modern word for powdered alicorn.

Famous Instances of Alicorns in Pop Culture

Alicorns have played a significant role in popular culture, including movies, TV shows, books, and video games. One of the most popular books that featured Alicorns was The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. The book was later adapted into a movie, further popularizing these mythical creatures in pop culture.

In addition to literature, Alicorns are also a significant part of the gaming world. One of the most popular video games is World of Warcraft, where players can choose an Alicorn as a mount. They are also featured in the game, Elder Scrolls Online, as a creature that can be tamed and ridden by players.


In conclusion, an Alicorn is a mythical creature, portrayed as a combination of a horse and a unicorn, known for its magical powers and ability to fly. It is an animal that has captured the interest of many people worldwide, making appearances in pop culture through literature, movies, and video games. Although the history and mythology of Alicorns are shrouded in mystery, it has remained a significant figure through the centuries. The legend of the Alicorn may have evolved over time, but it remains an iconic element of popular culture that has captivated audiences young and old.