What Is Ab Degree

What Is AB Degree?

An AB Degree refers to a Bachelor of Arts Degree that is achieved in two different subjects. This degree is commonly known as a double-major degree or a dual degree. It is designed for students who have a diverse set of interests and want to explore two different career paths through their college education.

In an AB program, students study two disciplines, one as a major and the other as a minor. This means that they can explore two different areas of study while earning just one degree. The AB degree differs from a regular Bachelor of Arts degree in the sense that the student has completed the requirements for two majors instead of one, hence the term “double major”.

Compared to other degrees, an AB degree offers a wider range of choices, allowing students to explore their interests in two different areas. This degree provides a unique opportunity for students to develop a more diverse set of skills, which can be beneficial in many different fields.

Benefits of AB Degree

There are several benefits to choosing an AB degree over other degrees. Firstly, an AB degree offers a more broad and diverse education. Students are exposed to a wider range of courses, and they have the opportunity to explore two different fields, which enhances their chances of finding employment in their preferred industry.

Secondly, an AB degree also prepares students for a more diverse selection of graduate programs. Students who hold an AB degree are likely to be competitive in law school or any other program that requires strong writing, research, and critical thinking skills. Students are also often prepared for programs that require a more interdisciplinary approach to learning, such as international affairs, environmental studies or communications.

Furthermore, an AB degree also provides an opportunity to further develop transferrable, essential skills necessary in the modern job market. Graduates of AB degrees are better prepared for careers that demand cross-disciplinary skills and an ability to understand and synthesize information from multiple sources.

Finally, an AB degree allows students to pursue two passions, two fields of interest or even two entirely contrasting paths as they prepare for a career. For instance, a student can earn a degree in psychology and another in computer science, and eventually become a data analyst in a human resource department.

FAQs about AB Degree

1. What subjects can I study in an AB degree?

An AB degree allows you to major in two subjects, with one being your primary major and the second being your minor. You can choose any two subjects, although some universities may limit the combinations that are available.

2. How long does it take to get an AB degree?

An AB degree typically takes four years to complete. However, the duration can vary depending on the university’s requirements and the student’s academic goals.

3. What careers can I pursue with an AB degree?

The career options available to you will depend on the subjects that you choose to study. However, an AB degree can prepare you for a wide range of careers, from business to science, from education to law, from communication to creative arts.

4. What is the difference between an AB degree and a regular bachelor’s degree?

The primary difference between an AB degree and a regular Bachelor of Arts degree is that the former requires two majors, while the latter only requires one. An AB degree provides you with a more diverse education, which can be beneficial for specific industries and programs.


In summary, an AB degree provides students with a unique opportunity to explore two different disciplines and develop a diverse set of skills. It is an excellent option for students who want to pursue two interests or prepare for a career that demands cross-disciplinary skills. An AB degree prepares students for a wide range of career options, and it also positions them to excel in graduate programs. Regardless of the career or industry you want to pursue, an AB degree can provide you with a more extensive and diverse perspective to achieve your goals.