What Does The Devil Hand Sign Mean

What Does The Devil Hand Sign Mean – Explained

Have you ever seen someone flashing the devil hand sign? You might have probably questioned its meaning as it could appear creepy or even intimidating.

The devil hand sign or the horn sign is a hand gesture that has been associated with evil, satanism, and occultism. But what does the devil hand sign truly mean? Let us find out.

What is The Devil Hand Sign?

The devil hand sign, also known as the horn sign, involves extending your index finger and your pinkie while the remaining fingers are curled inwards. The gesture is performed with your palm facing towards your body.

It is called the horn sign because the shape of the gesture is similar to that of a goat’s horn; an animal linked with the devil in popular culture.

The hand sign has gained notoriety within the music industry, particularly heavy metal and rock musicians, who have been widely associated with satanism and devil-worshiping.

However, it is crucial to note that the hand gesture has no satanic origin; instead, it has numerous interpretations.

What Does The Devil Hand Sign Mean?

The most famous interpretation of this hand gesture is the devil’s horns, which symbolizes evil and satanic practices. However, there are other meanings to the sign that have little to do with the devil or satanism.

1. Rock and Roll Sign

The hand sign has been popularized by heavy metal and rock musicians, where it represents a sign of celebration and rock culture. It has become a way of greeting, celebrating new albums, or just cheering the music.

2. University of Texas

The horn sign forms a crucial part of the University of Texas’s Longhorn’s hand sign. The sign, which is made to show support for the college’s sports teams, involves the gesture of hooking the index finger and the pinkie in the same way as the horn sign.

3. Antiquity

In classical antiquity, the gesture was used to signify strength and power. The Greek and Roman god of agriculture, Bacchus, was often depicted using the hand sign. The gesture is also believed to be used in the ancient Hindu scripture Rigveda, where it represents connection and union.

4. Love You Sign

The horn sign could also represent the phrase “I love you.” In American Sign Language, the gesture is used to convey “I love you” where the pinkie, index, and thumb represent the letters “I,” “L” and “Y” respectively.

5. Occultism

The hand gesture has been associated with numerous occult practices such as witchcraft and Freemasonry, where the symbolism of the sign varies. It has commonly been used to represent magic, power, and the capability to control supernatural forces.

Bottom Line

It is crucial to remember that the meaning of the horn sign varies according to its context. While it is widely known to be associated with satanism, a closer examination shows that its meaning could represent other things that have nothing to do with evil.

When used in music and the popular culture, the devil hand sign is used to celebrate chaos and rebellion, rather than promoting satanism. So, the next time you see someone flashing the horn sign, keep in mind that it could mean several things other than satanism.

In summary, the devil hand sign has been associated with various meanings, including strength, power, love, and satanism. Its interpretation may vary depending on the context, culture, and the person using it.

Now that you know the different meanings of this hand gesture, you are better equipped to judge its intention and context.