What Does Rs Stand For Camaro

What Does Rs Stand For in Camaro? Everything You Need to Know

Camaro enthusiasts are often curious about the significance of the abbreviation “RS” when it comes to the legendary muscle car. The Camaro has been around for over 50 years, and its alphanumeric codes can be confusing. Nevertheless, understanding what RS signifies is an essential part of understanding the car’s history and its various trims. In this SEO-optimized article, we will delve into the meaning of the RS in Camaro and everything else you need to know about it.

What is Camaro?

Before we jump into the meaning of RS, let’s have a quick overview of what Camaro is. The Camaro is a well-known and well-loved American classic car built by General Motors (GM) under their Chevrolet brand. It was first introduced in 1966 as a two-door sports car designed to compete with the Ford Mustang. The Camaro has evolved over the years, with several generations, redesigns, and trims available. Today, it is classified as a pony car on par with other American muscle cars such as the Mustang.

What Does RS Stand For in Camaro?

RS stands for “Rally Sport” in Camaro. Introduced as an optional package, the Rally Sport package offered several cosmetic upgrades to the Camaro, giving it a more sophisticated and sporty look. The Rally Sport package first made its debut in 1967 with the first-generation Camaro and became an iconic part of Camaro’s history. The package was brought back in the fifth and sixth generations, which are the latest iterations of the Camaro.

What Were the Features of the Rally Sport Package?

The Rally Sport package was a cosmetic package that was meant to give Camaro owners more styling options. The following were some of the changes that came with the package:

1. Hidden Headlamps – The most distinctive feature of the Rally Sport package was its hidden headlamps. The headlamps were recessed behind the grille and could be activated through vacuum-powered doors.

2. Black Accents – The package included black accents on the grille, window moldings, and taillights, giving it a sleek look.

3. Hood Stripes – The package included stripes on the hood, which gave the car a more aggressive look.

4. Wheel Covers – The package included special wheel covers unique to Rally Sport package cars.

5. RS Badge – Each vehicle that had the package got an RS badge on the front fenders.

It’s important to note that the Rally Sport package didn’t come with any performance upgrades. It was purely a cosmetic upgrade package.

What Other Packages Were Offered with Camaro?

The Camaro had several other packages that owners could choose from in addition to the Rally Sport package. These packages were:

1. Super Sport (SS) – This package came with performance upgrades like bigger engines, suspension upgrades, and bigger brakes.

2. Z28 – This package was specifically for high-performance upgrades that included engine upgrades, special suspension systems, and unique styling cues.

3. Berlinetta – This package was a luxury package that focused on high-end interior features like plush seats, Velour cloth door panels, a center console, and custom lighting.

How to Tell if a Camaro is an RS?

The first generation RS cars had several visual cues that were unique to the package. These included:

1. Hidden Headlamps – As mentioned earlier, the Rally Sport package came with hidden headlamps which were unusual at the time.

2. Backup Lights – Rally Sport package cars had backup lights mounted below the bumper.

3. Rear Taillight Bezels – The reverse light covers had a unique trim that was different from the standard Camaro models.

4. RS Badge – All Rally Sport package cars had an RS badge on the front fenders.

When it comes to the fifth and sixth generation Camaro, the visual differences between RS and non-RS are not as significant. The RS package is an optional package rather than a standalone model. Buyers could add the package to any of the other trims.


In summary, RS stands for Rally Sport in Camaro models. It is an optional package that provides cosmetic upgradations to give the Camaro a more sophisticated and sporty look. The package includes hidden headlamps, black accents, wheel covers, RS badging, and hood stripes. The Rally Sport package was first introduced in the first-generation Camaro and re-introduced in the fifth and sixth generations. It is essential to note that the Rally Sport package doesn’t come with any performance upgrades. Knowing what RS signifies is an essential part of Camaro’s history and helps enthusiasts understand the car’s various trims.