What Does Kacchan Mean

What Does Kacchan Mean?

Kacchan is a popular term used in the anime series My Hero Academia. It is a nickname given by the main character, Izuku Midoriya, to his childhood friend and rival, Katsuki Bakugo. It is a term of endearment and a symbol of their close relationship. The term has gained immense popularity among fans of the show, and they often use it to refer to the character. But what does Kacchan mean, and why is it significant? Let’s find out.

The Meaning of Kacchan

The term Kacchan is a unique way of pronouncing the Japanese word “kachan,” which means “dad” or “father.” In the My Hero Academia series, Bakugo’s father is a hero named Mitsuki Bakugo. As a child, Bakugo was fascinated by his father’s heroism and wanted to become a hero himself. This admiration led to him idolizing his father and calling him Kacchan as a form of endearment. However, when Bakugo and Midoriya became friends, the nickname passed on to Bakugo, who insisted that Midoriya call him by that name.

The use of Kacchan by Midoriya is a symbolic gesture of their close friendship, despite the rivalry between them. Midoriya, who has always looked up to Bakugo, uses the term as a sign of affection and a way to connect with his friend. Bakugo, on his part, initially resented the term, but over time, he grows to accept it and understand its significance.

The Significance of Kacchan in My Hero Academia

The My Hero Academia series is centered around a society where people with superpowers, known as Quirks, are commonplace. The story follows Midoriya, a boy without a Quirk, who dreams of becoming a hero like his idol, All Might. Bakugo, on the other hand, possesses a Quirk that allows him to manipulate explosive sweat. He is talented, confident, and idealistic. However, his attitude towards Midoriya is often abrasive and aggressive, further complicated by the fact that Midoriya idolizes him.

The use of Kacchan as a term of endearment in the series is crucial in the development of Bakugo’s character. Initially, he is portrayed as a hot-headed bully and a foil to Midoriya’s humble and selfless personality. However, as the series progresses, we see glimpses of Bakugo’s vulnerability, fears, and struggles. He is forced to confront his shortcomings and re-evaluate his relationship with Midoriya. Through this process, the term Kacchan becomes a symbol of Bakugo’s growth and character development.

Moreover, the term Kacchan has become a significant part of My Hero Academia’s fandom. It is a way for fans to connect with the characters and show their love for the series. The term has even inspired several merchandise products, including t-shirts, phone cases, and plushies, featuring Bakugo’s chibi form and the phrase “Kacchan.”


What is the correct spelling of Kacchan?

The correct spelling of Kacchan differs based on the translation used. The English version of the series spells it as “Kacchan,” while the original Japanese version spells it as “かっちゃん” or “勝っちゃん.”

Why did Midoriya give Bakugo the nickname Kacchan?

Midoriya gave Bakugo the nickname Kacchan as a form of endearment and a way to connect with him. Bakugo initially resented the name but grew to accept it.

What does Bakugo’s father think of the nickname Kacchan?

Although it is not explicitly mentioned, it is safe to assume that Bakugo’s father is okay with the nickname Kacchan since Bakugo uses it to refer to Midoriya as well.

In conclusion, Kacchan is a popular term used in the My Hero Academia series. It is a symbol of the close relationship between Midoriya and Bakugo, two of the show’s main characters. The term has significant importance in the growth and development of Bakugo’s character and has become a significant part of the show’s fandom.