What Does Deku Call Bakugo


Bakugo and Deku, the two significant characters in My Hero Academia, are known to have a harsh rivalry in the series. Their relationship was rocky, to begin with, due to Bakugo’s bully behavior. Despite this, Deku respects, admires, and cares about Bakugo. Over time, Bakugo has become less aggressive towards Deku, and the two have grown to have a remarkable bond. In this article, we’ll discuss what Deku calls Bakugo and compare their personalities and quirks.

What Does Deku Call Bakugo?

Deku calls Bakugo by his name Bakugo-kun, the honorific used to address people younger or at the same level as you. In earlier seasons, Bakugo-kun is used to demean Bakugo due to his anger issues and aggressive behavior. Deku uses this honorific for Bakugo because despite their differences, he still wants to show respect to his childhood friend.

Bakugo, on the other hand, addresses Deku as Midoriya. He never uses any honorific or adds any suffix to it, which could mean that he subconsciously does not want to acknowledge that they are on the same level. Bakugo’s constant use of Midoriya’s last name highlights the distance he created due to jealousy and insecurity issues.

Comparing Bakugo and Deku

Bakugo and Deku are both heroes in training; however, their approach towards becoming a hero differs significantly. Bakugo is hot-headed, confident, and determined to be the best hero. His quirk, Explosion, allows him to create and manipulate explosions at will. He wants to become the number one hero and is not afraid to show off his power. Bakugo is undoubtedly considered one of the strongest characters in the series, but his anger management issues and bullying past make him a controversial character.

On the other hand, Deku is a gentle, caring, and kind-hearted character who wants to help others. He admires All Might, who is his role model and wants to become a hero just like him. His quirk, One For All, allows him to access infinite power and strength. However, this quirk comes with its drawbacks, including physical strain and pain that leads to severe injuries. Deku’s unwavering determination and selflessness make him a hero in his own right.

Another aspect that differs in their personalities is how they approach relationships. Bakugo is aggressive and does not want anyone to mess with him, whereas Deku is friendly, supportive, and wants to create alliances. Bakugo keeps his guard up and pushes people away, making it challenging to create meaningful relationships. On the other hand, Deku sees the best in people and tries to help them as much as he can.


1. Why does Bakugo call Midoriya Deku?

Bakugo started using the name Deku as a derogatory term and for bullying purposes. However, Deku embraced the name and used it to symbolize his growth as a person and a hero. Over time, Bakugo stopped using it to insult him and came to call him Deku in a friendly manner.

2. Why does Bakugo hate Deku?

Bakugo initially saw Deku as weak, and him getting All Might’s power was a significant blow to his ego. He became jealous and started to bully Deku to make himself feel superior. Over time, Bakugo realized that Deku’s strength and abilities have been impressive, and he started to respect him as a rival.

3. Are Bakugo and Deku friends?

Despite their rocky start, Bakugo and Deku have become friends. They still have their differences, but their friendship has grown to be more trusting and respectful. Bakugo has even shown to care for Deku and helps him when he is in trouble.


In conclusion, the relationship between Bakugo and Deku in My Hero Academia is an intricate web of jealousy, rivalry, and friendship. Deku addresses Bakugo as Bakugo-kun, showing respect towards his classmate, whereas Bakugo’s constant use of Midoriya highlights the distance he created between them initially. Both characters have their unique quirks and personalities that make them an essential part of the series. Understanding their characters and relationships is crucial for the viewers’ overall experience.