What Are Mids Shoes

If you’re a fan of hip hop, streetwear, or just love sneakers in general, you’ve probably heard of Mids Shoes. These shoes have become increasingly popular as streetwear culture has grown, but many people may still be wondering what exactly makes a shoe a Mid and why they’re so sought after.

So, what are Mids Shoes?

Mids Shoes are a type of sneaker that falls in between a high-top and a low-top sneaker. They typically feature a padded collar around the ankle, providing support and comfort to the wearer. The name Mids comes from the fact that they are cut at a middle height, providing ample ankle coverage while still allowing for a full range of motion.

Mids Shoes are often associated with skateboarding and hip hop culture, as many popular styles from the past few decades have been Mids. One of the most iconic Mids is the Nike Dunk, which gained popularity in the skateboard scene in the 80s and has since become a staple in sneaker culture. Other popular Mids from Nike include the Blazer Mid, Air Jordan 1 Mid, and Air Force 1 Mid.

Why are Mids Shoes so popular?

One reason for their popularity is the versatility of the design. Mids are a great choice for those who want a shoe with more ankle support than a low-top sneaker but don’t want to feel constricted like they would in a high-top. They’re also more casual and versatile than a high-top, making them a great choice for everyday wear.

Another reason for their popularity is the cultural significance behind certain styles. The Nike Dunk, for example, has a long history in the skateboarding scene and has been embraced by the hip hop community as well. Its resurgence in popularity in recent years has been driven by collaborations with popular streetwear brands and personalities, making it even more sought after.

How to style Mids Shoes?

Mids Shoes can be styled in a variety of ways depending on the look you’re going for. For a classic streetwear look, pair them with loose-fitting jeans or joggers and a graphic tee or hoodie. If you’re looking for a more dressed-up style, pair them with slim-fit trousers or khakis and a button-up shirt. Mids also look great with shorts, especially in the summer months.

When it comes to colorways, Mids Shoes offer a lot of options. Some popular styles are all-black, all-white, and neutral tones like beige or olive. More colorful options are also available, with brands like Nike and Adidas releasing Mids in bright colors and fun patterns.

Final thoughts

Mids Shoes may have started as a niche style, but they have become a mainstay in sneaker culture. Their versatility, comfort, and cultural significance have made them popular among a variety of groups. Whether you’re a sneakerhead, skateboarder, or simply a lover of streetwear, Mids should definitely be on your radar.