Webnovel Vs Light Novel

Webnovel Vs Light Novel: Understanding the Key Differences

In today’s world, there are numerous sources of entertainment. The most common form of entertainment is reading. It gives us an opportunity to escape from our mundane lives and enter into a different world. With the rise of the internet, reading has become more convenient than ever before. One of the ways people have started enjoying their reading is through the use of the internet. Two different formats have come up due to the rise of the internet: Webnovel and Light Novels. In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between Webnovels and Light Novels.

What are Light Novels?

Let’s start the discussion by identifying what a light novel is? A light novel is a novel that is written in a format similar to comics except in printed form. Light novels originated from Japan, where it was a new type of genre that combined illustrations and texts into a single book. These books were usually shorter in length than conventional novels, and the target audience was teenagers and young adults. The concept of light novels quickly spread across Asian countries, such as South Korea, China, and Taiwan, due to their popularity in Japan. Light novels usually consist of genres like action, romantic comedy, science fiction, and fantasy.

What are Webnovels?

Webnovels are novels that are published online. It is a novel that originated from China and quickly spread worldwide. In many ways, a web novel is just like a light novel, which is to say that it is composed of text with a few illustrations. The only difference is that web novels are published online. The popularity of web novels has led many well-known publishers to turn them into physical books for their readers. Webnovels come in various genres, such as romance, action, horror, and fantasy.

Differences between Webnovels and Light Novels

There are several differences when it comes to Webnovels and Light Novels. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. Origins

The first and most significant difference between Webnovels and Light Novels is their place of origin. While Light Novels originate from Japan, Webnovels originate from China. Light Novels have a long-standing history in Japan since they began in the 1970s. To date, Light Novels still enjoy a lot of popularity, especially in Japan. Webnovels, on the other hand, are relatively new, having first appeared in China in the early 2000s.

2. Publishing

Webnovels and Light Novels differ in their modes of publication. As mentioned earlier, Light Novels are published in print, just like conventional novels. Webnovels are exclusively published online, and readers may read them online or download them to read later, either through e-book readers or other digital devices.

3. Genre

Another difference between Webnovels and Light Novels is their genre. Light Novels mostly cater to teenagers and young adults and comprise of genres such as romantic comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and action. Webnovels, on the other hand, have a wider target audience ranging from teenagers to adults. The genre in web novels also includes horror, martial arts, supernatural, and much more.

4. Writing Standard

Light Novels have a certain amount of quality and writing standard that sets them apart. The stories have a clear beginning and end, with well-developed characters and a well-paced plotline. Webnovels, on the other hand, can be written very fast and have much lower standards when it comes to quality. Some web novels may be released without proper editing, which could ruin the story experience for the readers.

5. Length

The length of Webnovels vs. Light novels also differs. Light novels are generally shorter in length than other types of novels, making it easier for readers to finish it in a shorter time. In contrast, web novels can stretch up to thousands of pages, making it challenging to finish in a single sitting.

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In conclusion, Webnovel and Light Novel differ in many ways, such as their origins, publishing mode, writing standard, target audience, genres, and lengths. Light novels and Webnovels are entertaining and insightful for people looking for something new to read. By recognizing their differences, you can choose whether to read a Light Novel or a Webnovel, depending on your personal preferences. Choose between light novel or Webnovel according to your taste and enjoy the rich world of literature and storytelling.

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