Typical Korean Face Features

Korea, also known as the land of the morning calm, has a rich cultural heritage that has been passed down from generations to generations. It is the birthplace of K-pop, K-dramas, and Korean beauty products. However, beyond the beauty industry and entertainment, Korea is also known for its unique facial features. In this article, we will explore the typical Korean face features and their significance in Korean culture and beauty standards.

1. Pale skin

Korean culture emphasizes the importance of pale or porcelain-like skin. Having a fair complexion is associated with beauty, purity, and innocence. In fact, pale skin was once considered a status symbol during the Joseon Dynasty. Many Koreans use skin whitening products and sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Also, they tend to avoid sun exposure, especially during peak hours.

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2. High cheekbones

High cheekbones are considered a desirable facial feature in Korea. It is believed that high cheekbones give a face a more sculpted and youthful appearance. Many Korean face masks and contouring products are designed to accentuate the cheekbones. Also, smiling with the cheeks lifted is a common practice in Korea as it helps to define the cheekbones.

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3. V-shaped face

The “V-shaped” face, also known as the “egg-shaped” face, is another desirable facial feature in Korean beauty standards. It is a face shape that is narrow at the jawline and wider at the forehead. Many Koreans opt for cosmetic surgeries, such as jawline reduction and chin augmentation, to achieve this face shape. Additionally, face slimming massages and exercises are popular among Koreans.

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4. Double eyelids

Double eyelids are creases on the upper eyelid, which make the eyes appear larger and more expressive. Single eyelids are less common among Koreans, and double eyelids have become a popular cosmetic feature. Many Koreans opt for eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, to create a double eyelid. Additionally, eyelid tapes and glue are popular among Koreans as a temporary solution.

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5. Straight eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are a popular facial feature in Korea. They are believed to give a more refined and sophisticated appearance. Unlike Western beauty standards, where arched eyebrows are preferred, Korean beauty standards emphasize straight eyebrows. Many Koreans opt for eyebrow tattoos, microblading, and tinting to achieve this look.

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6. Full lips

Full lips are a desirable facial feature in Korean beauty standards. Soft, plump lips give the face a more youthful and attractive appearance. Many Koreans opt for lip fillers and lip tinting to achieve this look. Additionally, lip masks and lip balms are popular among Koreans to help keep the lips moisturized and soft.

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7. Small face

A small face is another desirable facial feature in Korea. Koreans believe that a smaller face makes a person look more feminine and delicate. Many Koreans opt for non-surgical procedures, such as face lifting massages and acupuncture, to achieve a smaller face. Additionally, many Korean hairstyles are designed to frame the face and give the illusion of a smaller face.

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In conclusion, the typical Korean face features play a significant role in Korean beauty standards and culture. Pale skin, high cheekbones, V-shaped face, double eyelids, straight eyebrows, full lips, and small face are all desirable facial features in Korea. Koreans’ fascination with beauty and their cultural values have influenced their beauty standards in various ways. While some of these features are genetic, many Koreans resort to cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired look.