Tomato Paste vs. Tomato Purée

The tomato paste and puree are the very tasty ingredients that should be used very carefully in order to enhance the taste and not spoiling it. The use of the big amount of tomato paste in a recipe as is not recommended because it is highly concentrated in nature and the excessive use of it will mess up the taste. On the other hand, the puree is not as much concentrated as the tomato paste in nature. This means that if you have a recipe that calls for tomato puree but you don’t have it then you can utilize the tomato paste as well. For this intention, you only need to take one third cup of tomato paste and then add water to this cup till it becomes full. Here you have obtained a cup of tomato puree from just adding the water in the tomato paste. The tomato Paste is much more concentrated due to the basic reason that in order to make the tomato paste, you need to cook down for a long period of time. In contrast, for the prime goal of making the tomato Puree, the cooking process is almost zero. You need to just pulp and cooked the tomato with less juice till the time when it reaches a slightly thick stage and the tomato puree will come in front of you.

Tomato Paste

You can easily obtain the meaning of the tomato paste just with the help of the name of the tomato paste. From the word of the tomato paste, we mean a thick thing which contains a paste of crushed tomatoes. These packed down tomatoes should be cooked for a long time and then give them full of strain for the prime goal of obtaining a thick paste devoid of seeds. It is the nature of the Tomato paste that it has a great consistency, but it doesn’t contain the supplementary ingredients in it. The taste of the tomato paste is always sweet but it will come in the very thick shape when the procedure of its completion is finished. The tomato paste will be made when the ripe tomatoes are cooked in the first step and after that they have to be strained and again the process of cooking is initiated to get a very thick paste. For declaring the material as a tomato paste, you need to check that whether it is so thick that after taking out a spoonful, it must retain its shape when you place it in a bowl or it loses its shape. If it doesn’t lose its shape, it means you have the tomato paste

Tomato Purée

If you wish to get the tomato puree, you don’t have to bother for the long process of cooking at all. In fact, the tomatoes are not cooked for the long period of time instead you have to initiate the procedure of strained quickly in order to get tomato puree. The shape of the tomato puree is just like a liquid that is not as thick as tomato paste. In the tomato puree, the salt and spices can be added, or it may be used in the shape of bland just like the tomato paste. Because of this fact, if you don’t have the tomato puree in your kitchen but your recipe needs it, then in this situation, you only have to take one third of the tomato paste and add tow third water in it to obtain the tomato puree.

Key Differences between Tomato Paste and Tomato Purée

  1. The natural tomato soluble solids (NTSS) contains in both the things is different. The tomato puree has to contain 8-23.9% NTSS, while this is the tomato paste which should have at least 24% NTSS.
  2. Tomato paste can be formed after doing a long process of cooking then strained and after that the procedure of cooking is again started and finally strained it. But for the sake of making the puree, the cooking process is very short and then strained is implemented.
  3. As the nature of the Tomato paste is thicker as compared to the puree, that’s why puree can be made from the from the tomato paste by adding two third water to one third tomato paste.

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