Special Attack Vs Attack

When it comes to battling in video games, there are a lot of terms and tactics that may be confusing to new gamers. Two terms that tend to come up a lot are special attack and attack. So, what do these terms mean, and how do they differ?

Let’s first define these terms. An attack is a standard move that a player can use during battles. It typically has average damage and can be used multiple times throughout a fight. On the other hand, a special attack is a move that is more powerful than a standard attack, but usually comes at a cost. This cost could be a resource, such as mana or energy, or it could have a cooldown period before it can be used again.

Now that we have an understanding of what these terms mean let’s break down the differences between them.


The main difference between a special attack and a standard attack is the amount of damage they inflict. As mentioned earlier, special attacks tend to be more powerful and can cause significant damage to the enemy. They can also have other benefits, such as area of effect damage, which can cause harm to multiple enemies at once. Whereas, standard attacks have a lower amount of damage and are meant for consistent use in battles.

Resource Management

Another significant difference between special attacks and standard attacks is the resource management required to use them. Special attacks typically require a certain amount of mana, energy, or another resource to execute. Meanwhile, standard attacks usually don’t require any resources, meaning they can be used endlessly as long as the player has their character’s stamina.

Cooldown Period

A cooldown period is another crucial difference between special attacks and standard attacks. Special attacks, due to their high damage output, usually have a cooldown period. This means that after a player uses a special attack, they will have to wait a certain amount of time before they can use it again. During this time, they will have to rely on their standard attacks or other abilities they have during the fight.

On the other hand, a standard attack doesn’t usually have a cooldown period, meaning it can be used repeatedly throughout a battle. This can be incredibly useful when trying to conserve resources and when engaging in long battles with multiple enemies.


Q: Can I rely on my standard attacks instead of using a special attack?
A: While it’s possible to win battles using only standard attacks, it’s important to note that special attacks can be a great asset when facing stronger enemies or dealing with multiple enemies at once. Therefore, it’s always advisable to use special attacks when necessary and not be afraid to experiment with different tactics during battles.

Q: Can I spam special attacks?
A: No, spamming special attacks is not a good idea as they typically have a resource cost and a cooldown period. Spamming special attacks can leave a player without any resources, making them vulnerable to attack or leave them with a limited set of options for the rest of the battle.

Q: Do all video games have special attacks and standard attacks?
A: No, not all video games have special attacks and standard attacks. However, it is a common gameplay mechanic seen in many RPGs, fighting games, and action-adventure games.

In conclusion, special attacks and standard attacks are concepts that are commonly seen in video games. They differ in their damage output, resource management, and cooldown period, making them useful in different situations. Knowing when to use and conserve resources are key components of these moves, and using them wisely can make the difference in winning or losing a battle.