Sp Attack Vs Attack

Special Attack (SpA) and Attack (Atk) are two of the most important stats in the world of Pokémon. SpA, as the name suggests, refers to the special attacking prowess of the Pokémon, while Atk refers to their physical attack power. These stats play a crucial role in determining the damage output of moves, and thus, the outcome of battles. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at SpA and Atk, compare them, and answer some commonly asked questions.

Understanding SpA and Atk

Before we dive deeper into the comparison, it’s essential to understand SpA and Atk. SpA is a measure of a Pokémon’s ability to perform special attacks that are based on elements like fire, water, grass, and more. On the other hand, Atk measures the efficiency of a Pokémon’s physical attacks using moves like Scratch, Tackle, and Punch.

The SpA stat affects moves like Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam. These moves deal damage based on the special attack power value, which is usually greater than the physical attack power value of a Pokémon. In other words, a Pokémon with a higher SpA stat would deal more damage than one with a lower SpA stat.

The Atk stat, on the other hand, affects moves like Body Slam, Earthquake, and Dragon Claw. These moves deal damage based on the physical attack power value, which is usually less than the special attack power value of a Pokémon. Similarly, higher Atk stats mean more damage output.

SpA Vs Atk: Which is better?

Now, let’s compare SpA and Atk. Suppose you’re looking to build a team around a Pokémon that can deal massive damage, which stat should you prioritize—SpA or Atk? The answer depends on the type of Pokémon you’re using.

For instance, let’s take a Water-type Pokémon like Vaporeon. Vaporeon can learn both water-type special moves like Surf (SpA) and physical moves like Aqua Tail (Atk). However, as a water-type, Vaporeon’s SpA stat is higher than its Atk stat. Therefore, it makes more sense to use Surf over Aqua Tail since Surf would deal more damage. Similarly, let’s take a Dragon-type Pokémon like Dragonite. Dragonite can learn both Dragon Claw (Atk) and Draco Meteor (SpA). But since Dragonite’s Atk stat is higher than its SpA stat, it’s better to use Dragon Claw over Draco Meteor to deal more damage.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the Pokémon’s type before deciding which stat to invest in. Depending on the type, a Pokémon may benefit significantly from either SpA or Atk.


Q. Will investing in both Atk and SpA give me an advantage in battles?

A. In general, it’s not a good idea to distribute stats between both Atk and SpA since this will make your Pokémon somewhat mediocre in both aspects. It’s better to invest in either Atk or SpA, depending on your Pokémon’s type and movepool.

Q. Can a physical move be affected by SpA and vice versa?

A. No, a physical move cannot be affected by SpA or a special move by Atk. The stat only affects moves that are of the same type, i.e., SpA affects special moves, and Atk affects physical moves.

Q. If my Pokémon has both Atk and SpA of the same value, will it deal equal damage with physical and special moves?

A. No, it’s not that simple. While having an equal Atk and SpA means that your Pokémon can use both types of moves efficiently, other factors like the move’s base power, effectiveness, and the opponent’s stats also come into play.


In summary, SpA and Atk are two of the most crucial stats in Pokémon battles. The former affects special moves, while the latter affects physical moves’ damage output. The choice between prioritizing one over the other depends on the Pokémon’s type and movepool. So, be sure to consider these factors before investing in either stat.