sonogram vs. ultrasound
sonogram vs. ultrasound

The main difference between sonogram and ultrasound can be best understood during pregnancy test. Ultrasound is a machine that makes the doctors able to see the baby during the pregnancy while sonogram stands for the picture that is taken of the baby during the process of the ultrasound.

Comparison Chart

Basis Sonogram Ultrasound
Definition Vibrations and sounds that have an ultrasonic frequency and is used during the medical imaging process. A technique that represents the energy at different frequencies produced during the ultrasound process.
Importance By Product Main Product
Effect On Pregnant Woman Not harmful Harmful
Usage Limited, only one usage Multiple usage
Types No types Many
Picture of Baby Generates Presents on screen
Operator Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Ultrasound Technician

What is Sonogram?

Ultrasound refers to those vibrations and sounds that have an ultrasonic frequency and is used during the medical imaging process. Most of the time ultrasound scanning is used to examine the fetus of a pregnant woman. The waves generated by the ultrasound machines contain highest frequencies as compared to the upper audible limit of human hearing. It is not different from the normal sound except in the case of the human that cannot hear it. The speed of ultrasound waves varies from person to person and normally 20 kHz in young and healthy adults. It deploys many different fields. Overall these machines are used to detect objects and measure their distances also. The functions of ultrasound are not limited to the testing pregnancy only. These can be even used to detect and examining invisible flaws as well. Moreover, these are also used for cleaning, mixing and accelerating the chemical processes as well. Many animals such as porpoises and bats use their ultrasound ability for locating obstacles and prey. This technology has been used for past many decades by occupational therapists and physical for treating ligaments, connective tissues, fascia, and tendons. It also has therapeutic applications that can be highly advantageous when used with dosage precautions.

sonogram vs. ultrasound
sonogram vs. ultrasound

What is Ultrasound?

Sonogram that is also called as sonography that represents the energy at different frequencies produced during the ultrasound process. It is the byproduct of ultrasound that shows product the picture of the baby during pregnancy test. In simple words, a sonogram can be said as a graphical representation or image that is produced from an ultrasound test. The graph or picture produced as a result of sonogram contains two geometric dimensions: the vertical axis is frequency, the horizontal axis represents time’ and now a third dimension showing the amplitude of a specific frequency at a given moment and is represented by the color or intensity of each point in the image. Sonogram, sonography or ultrasonography is of great help for seeing and examining the internal body structures such as joint, vessels, muscles, tendons and internal organs. The main aim of the overall process is to find a source of a disease or to expel any pathology. During sonography process, different images can be formed by way of multiple sonographic instruments. The common type of sonogram image is a B-mode image that represents the acoustic impedance of the two-dimensional cross section of tissue. The rest of the types of sonogram images are used for displaying motion of tissue over time, blood flow, the location blood, the stiffness of tissues and the presence of particular molecules.

Key Differences between Sonogram and Ultrasound

  1. The ultrasound is basically a machine used to perform multiple tests including the pregnancy test while sonogram belongs to the sonography that is a medical field in which ultrasound machines are used.
  2. Ultrasound operator is called ultrasound technician while sonogram operator is called as a diagnostic medical sonographer.
  3. Ultrasound has no other name while sonography is called as ultrasonography as well.
  4. Ultrasound us about scanning the body to get a picture of what is inside the body while sonogram is a terminology with more specific to gynecology.
  5. During ultrasound process, the picture of the baby is shown on the screen while sonogram actually gives the picture of the baby.
  6. Ultrasound generates waves to get the picture while sonogram is the result of those waves.
  7. Ultrasound occurs at a higher frequency even at highest speed than what humans can hear while sonogram is an imaging process backed by the ultrasound technology.
  8. A sonogram is a specific word that related to pregnancy only while ultrasound is a general technology that is not limited to the pregnancy test only.
  9. Ultrasound tests can harm either the mother or baby during the pregnancy test, but sonogram tests never harm either then mother or the baby.
  10. Ultrasound is the name of an actual exam while a sonogram is the name of a real image produced by the ultrasound.
  11. Ultrasound has various types while sonogram has no type at all.
  12. Ultrasound is the main product while sonogram is the by-product.
  13. One of the main functions of ultrasound is to produce sonograms and is also used to ensure the uniformity of liquids to determine the depth of water. Sonogram, on the other hand, assist the physicians in observing the growth of the fetus and calculating its age and due date and also see the presence of the multiple fetuses.
  14. A sonogram is also used for locating cancerous cells and diagnosing pelvic bleeding while ultrasound has no such uses.