Son Vs Estan

Son Vs Estan: A Comprehensive Comparison

Choosing the right smart home technology solutions can be a daunting task for homeowners, especially with the plethora of options and brands in the market. Two popular brands that can help add intelligence to your home are Son and Estan. In this article, we will delve into a comprehensive comparison between Son and Estan, so you can make a more informed decision when selecting which one is best for you.

Overview of Son

Son is a tech company that specializes in audio equipment, smart speakers, and home theatre solutions. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Son’s products are designed to make music streaming and voice control more convenient and accessible. Son is also heavily involved in the development of smart home devices, such as the Son Beam, Son Play and Sonos Sub.

Overview of Estan

Estan, on the other hand, is a new company in the smart home space. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The primary objective of Estan is to create smart home security solutions that can monitor and secure your home. The company has a range of products such as the Estan Cam and Estan Doorbell.

Product Comparison


Both Son and Estan have a range of smart speakers available that are designed to help you control your smart home. Son has a few different models available, including the Son Beam, Son Play, and Sonos Sub. However, Estan only has one smart speaker in its range, the Estan Speaker.

Son’s speakers deliver high-quality audio and can play music from a variety of streaming services. They also have the ability to connect to your television and create an immersive movie or gaming experience. Estan’s speaker, on the other hand, is focused on helping you control your smart home with the voice assistant. It has a compact design and is perfect for small rooms.


Estan’s focus is on home security, and the company has a range of products in this category. The Estan Cam is a high-definition security camera that can monitor your home and keep you informed about any suspicious activity. It also has an intelligent system that can detect when a person is in its field of view and then alert you.

In contrast, Son does not have any security products in its lineup. However, with the help of a home automation app, you can integrate your Son speakers with your security cameras to create a more intelligent security system.

Ease of Use

Son and Estan’s smart home devices are both easy to set up and use. With the help of the voice assistant, you can control all aspects of your home, from playing music to adjusting the temperature. However, Son goes one step further and also offers a mobile app that allows you to control your smart home devices, even when you are not at home.


1. Are Son’s products more expensive than Estan’s?

Generally, Son’s products are more expensive than Estan’s. However, this is also because Son products offer a higher quality of sound compared to Asher

2. Is Estan’s focus solely on security?

Yes, Estan’s primary focus is on home security solutions. However, they are also expanding their range of products to include other smart home devices.


Overall, both Son and Estan offer great smart home solutions that can help add intelligence to your home. However, they have different priorities in product design. Son’s focus is on improving your music and entertainment experience. On the other hand, Estan prioritizes home security. Therefore, when choosing between the two, it is essential to consider your priorities to get the maximum benefit from your purchase.