Snapchat Open Vs Received

In today’s fast-paced digital world, Snapchat has emerged as one of the most popular and engaging social media platforms. It is the go-to application for millions of people worldwide who love to share their stories and connect with their friends and family. However, Snapchat’s unique feature of self-destructing videos and images can often be confusing for users who are not well-versed with the app.

Snapchat has two types of snaps – Open and Received snaps. In this article, we will break down the differences between the two and give you a detailed overview of each of them.

What is a Snapchat Open?

Snapchat opens are snaps sent to you by your Snapchat friends that you have already opened. Once a snap is opened, it disappears from the app’s interface after being viewed, and the sender will be notified that their snap has been viewed.

A Snapchat Open can be either an image or a video that can be viewed only once before it disappears. The sender can add filters, lenses, emojis, and text to make their snaps more fun and interesting. You can save the snap by taking a screenshot, but the sender will be notified that you saved it.

Snapchat Open is a great way to interact with your friends and family without worrying about your snaps being saved and shared without your consent. It exists only for a brief moment and cannot be revisited.

What is a Snapchat Received?

Snapchat Received is the snaps sent to you by your friends that you haven’t opened. These snaps will be marked with a red notification and will appear on the main screen for up to 30 days from the date they were sent. After 30 days, the snap will disappear, and the sender will be notified that their snap was not opened.

Snapchat Received can be either an image or a video that appears as a small thumbnail in your inbox. The sender can’t see if you have opened the snap or not, making it an excellent way to view snaps without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings or getting caught up in a conversation.

Snapchat Received is a great way to manage your snaps and view them later when you have time. It is also an excellent way to keep your inbox organized.

Snapchat Open Vs. Received – What’s the Difference?

The primary difference between Snapchat Open and Received is how you can interact with them. Snapchat Open exists for only a few seconds and is meant to be viewed only once, while Snapchat Received can be viewed unlimited times until it expires.

Open snaps are also typically more personal and interactive, with the sender using filters, lenses, and emojis to make them more engaging. In contrast, Received snaps are more secretive and private, meant to be viewed at a later time when the recipient has the time.

Another significant difference between the two is how they are stored. Snapchat Open disappears after viewing, and the sender is notified that you have seen it. In comparison, Snapchat Received remains in your inbox until it expires, and the sender doesn’t know if you have viewed it or not.

Which one should you use – Snapchat Open or Received?

Whether to use Snapchat Open or Received depends on your preferences and the nature of your relationship with your friends.

If you want to engage with your friends in real-time and have a back and forth conversation, Snapchat Open is the way to go. It is perfect for sharing funny memes, witty remarks, and personal stories that can only last for a few seconds.

However, if you are too busy to reply or want to view your friend’s snaps at a later time, Snapchat Received is an excellent option. It allows you to view your snaps without worrying about getting caught up in a conversation or hurting someone’s feelings.

In conclusion, Snapchat Open and Received serve different purposes, and it’s up to you to decide which one to use based on your preferences. Both of them are excellent ways to connect and engage with your friends and family, making Snapchat one of the most popular social media platforms.