Slavic Face Shape

Slavic Face Shape: Understanding the Characteristics and How to Flatter It

The Slavic face shape has been gaining attention as one that holds unique and striking features. It is characterized by its sharp angles, high cheekbones, and a prominent jawline. But with this distinct shape come its own sets of challenges when it comes to selecting hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. Here, we discuss everything you need to know about Slavic face shapes.

What is a Slavic Face Shape?

Slavic face shape belongs to people of Slavic ancestry, originating from Eastern Europe. Although there are a variety of structures within the Slavic face shape, there are several distinctive features that set it apart from other facial shapes. Typically, these are high cheekbones, a broad forehead, a pronounced jawline, and an angular jaw. The forehead and cheekbones are often the most prominent features.

Best Haircuts for Slavic Face Shapes

The right hairstyle can play a significant role in enhancing the face topography’s angular features. Long hair and a face-framing cut tend to work exceptionally well with Slavic face shape. Side-swept bangs and curtain bangs are also great options to flatter high cheekbones. However, it is best to stay away from blunt cuts and choppy layers that can accentuate excessive angularity.

Some perfect haircuts for Slavic face shapes include long layers, pixie cuts, lob haircuts, and blunt bobs. They help balance the high cheekbones and prominent jawline of Slavic face shapes.

Best Makeup for Slavic Face Shapes

A bold and sharp face shape like Slavic demands makeup that enhances and complements its features. Contouring and highlighting techniques that help emphasize the cheeks, nose, and jawline should be an essential in your makeup kit. A rosy blush shade and a neutral-toned bronzer will help soften sharp angles and add a pop of color. Using long eyeliner flicks and dark lipstick add even more definition to your features.

Also, be careful with the application of foundation. Too much foundation can create an unnatural look, while too little can emphasize any blemishes or imperfections. Apply foundation minimally to avoid overemphasizing cheekbones and sculpt an overall slimming effect to your face.

Accessories for Slavic Face Shapes

Accessories are an excellent way to add some dimension and depth to a Slavic face shape. Chunky and statement necklaces are perfect as they draw attention to the face’s center and away from sharp and angular features. Earrings that are long and dangle will show off your face’s prettiest elongated part, your jawline.

When it comes to sunglasses, frames with soft curves help balance out the sharp angles of Slavic features. Cat-eye sunglasses and classic aviators work well with the Slavic face shape. A round or oval-shaped hat is recommended as it helps soften the forehead and complements the cheekbones.


In summary, if you have a Slavic face shape, then you are truly blessed with unique and striking features. With the right haircuts, makeup, and accessories, you can enhance your features and balance out the sharp angles. Remember, choosing the wrong hairstyle or makeup can make your face appear more angular, which could detract from your natural beauty. So, now that you understand your unique face shape, go ahead and experiment with different styles to enhance your features and embrace what makes you uniquely you.