Skyrim Vs Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim is undoubtedly one of the most popular and engaging video games ever released. It’s an open-world action role-playing game that lets you customize and explore a vast, immersive world. It has captivated millions of players worldwide, and Bethesda Softworks delivers a true masterpiece to the gaming community.

Skyrim has been around for almost a decade now, and in that time, it has become a gaming icon. The engine and graphics that Skyrim was built on are considered outdated in modern gaming, and thus, the release of the Skyrim Special Edition in 2016 came as a breath of fresh air. The updated version was a significant improvement in terms of visuals, performance, and gameplay.

Skyrim Vs. Skyrim Special Edition is a debate that has been raging among Skyrim fans since the latter’s release. Both versions of the game have their pros and cons, but which one comes out on top? In this article, we shall explore the differences between Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition and provide an unbiased comparison of the two.

Visuals and Graphics

One of the most significant differences between Vanilla Skyrim and Special Edition is the visuals and graphics. Skyrim Special Edition boasts enhanced graphics and a significant upgrade from Skyrim’s outdated graphics. The special edition offers high-resolution textures, high-quality lighting, and effects. The new version also has an added depth of field, making the environment more realistic and visually breathtaking.

The Special Edition offers various graphic options, including Ultra, High, Medium, and Low. Players can also modify specific settings such as texture quality, shadow quality, and many more to enjoy the best possible graphics.

Also, the special edition features an enhanced and more realistic water surface, making rivers and waterfalls look more believable. Skyrim’s Special Edition offers a much-improved visual experience over the original game version, with the enhanced visuals bringing out the best in the game’s world design.

Performance and Stability

Skyrim is a large open-world game and has always been notorious for having performance issues, lagging, and crashing on less-powerful machines. The Skyrim Special Edition addressed these issues by optimizing the game for greater performance and stability. It has improved the game’s performance by providing a 64-bit executable version of the game that utilizes the computer’s resources more efficiently.

Additionally, the new game version has a more stable game engine, reducing the number of random crashes and system freezes. The Special Edition version of Skyrim runs much better than the original Skyrim version and provides a smoother gameplay experience, even at high graphics settings.

Mod Support

Mod support is one of the essential features that set Skyrim apart from other video games. Modding the original Skyrim version provides limitless possibilities and makes it a highly customizable game. The Skyrim Special Edition continued with this tradition by offering even more comprehensive mod support.

The Special Edition version of Skyrim had built-in mod support, which was a significant upgrade from the original version. The game’s developers created a mod portal system that allowed players to easily access and install mods, making it easier for new players to get into modding.

Mods add another level of customization, allowing players to modify the game as per their preference. From adding new textures to expanding missions, the modding community has produced some fantastic mods for Skyrim that continue to enhance the game.


One factor that may affect your decision between the two game versions is the cost. Skyrim was released over nine years, and you can get a copy for less than $20 on Steam or other game distributors. Skyrim Special Edition, which released in 2016, is more expensive, with a price tag of around $40.

Whether you opt for Skyrim or Special Edition will depend largely on your budget. Suppose you’re a new player or looking to get the most out of your money. In that case, the original Skyrim might be a better choice, as it provides a similar gameplay experience to the special edition, albeit with lesser graphics, and is significantly cheaper.

Final Verdict

When picking between Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition, it’s important to know what you value most in a video game. If you value visuals and graphics, performance, and mod support, then the Special Edition is undoubtedly the better version. The game provides an enhanced gameplay experience, making it a worthy upgrade to the original Skyrim version.

If, on the other hand, you have a limited budget, a less powerful machine, or aren’t too fussed about the differences between the two versions, the original Skyrim version is still an excellent video game. While you won’t get the enhanced graphics, texture quality, and mod support, you’ll be able to experience the vast open-world, engaging storyline, and captivating gameplay that made it an instant classic.

Whichever version you choose, Skyrim remains one of the best video games ever made, and its legacy will continue to influence the video game industry for years to come.