Sims Freeplay Vs Sims Mobile

The Sims franchise has been a fan-favorite for over two decades now. And with modern gaming technologies coming in, EA Games has released the mobile versions of its popular Sims series. These mobile games are The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile.

Both games are free-to-play with in-app purchases and follow the same concept of building houses, creating avatars, and building relationships with other virtual Sims. However, they are different in several aspects. In this article, we will compare The Sims Freeplay vs. The Sims Mobile, and see which one takes the cake.


The Sims Freeplay was released first in 2011 and provides an open-world experience. After creating your sim and house, you have access to their whole world to explore, meet others, and create a life. There is no time limit in FreePlay, which allows you to take your time to finish tasks, upgrade your house or work on relationships.

On the other hand, The Sims Mobile was released in 2018 and has more of a structured gameplay. Your sim moves into a new town, and you must complete specific tasks to progress. The game is divided into different ‘chapters’ which you must complete before moving on to the next one. The chapters have a time limit, which leaves no time for procrastination.


Both games offer extensive customization options for your sims and houses. However, Sims Freeplay provides more diverse options as compared to The Sims Mobile. Freeplay offers many unique hairstyles, outfits, and accessories that you can choose from, while The Sims Mobile has limited customization options.


One of the standout differences between Sims Freeplay and Sims Mobile is the real-time feature. Freeplay runs in real-time, which means if it is 9 pm in your real-life, it will be 9 pm in the game too. It may sound tedious, but it adds to the immersive experience.

Sims Mobile, in contrast, follows a structured gameplay, and everything happens very fast. For example, building or upgrading houses that would take a week in Freeplay will only take a few hours in Sims Mobile.


Both games have impressive graphics, but Sims Mobile wins here. The graphics on Mobile are more refined and polished than Freeplay.


Both games are free to download but come with in-app purchases. With Freeplay, you can still enjoy the game without making any in-app purchases. However, with The Sims Mobile, the in-app purchases are more significant, and you may need to spend some money to progress further in the game.


1. Which game has better graphics?
Sims Mobile has better graphics than Freeplay.

2. Which game has more customization options?
Sims Freeplay has more customization options than Mobile.

3. Which game is better for a casual gamer?
Sims Freeplay is better suited for casual gamers, as you have unlimited time for tasks.

4. Which game is more challenging?
Sims Mobile is more challenging as it has a structured gameplay with limited time.

5. Which game has more in-app purchases?
Both games have in-app purchases. Still, The Sims Mobile has more significant in-app purchases.


To sum it up, The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile are excellent games that provide a fun and interactive experience to the players. However, they differ greatly in gameplay, customization, graphics, and pricing. If you are a casual gamer, you might prefer Freeplay as it allows you to take your time with tasks. On the other hand, if you want a more structured and challenging gameplay, go for Sims Mobile. Which one is better depends primarily on your preference and playstyle.