Search Engine vs. Browser

People are usually familiar with Google and often thinks that same alike term of the internet will also be the same in meaning. But an SEO knows better what are the differences between synonymous terms and why. Apparently, search engine and browser looks like the same tool who fetched the desired information. But the fact is that both have different purposes and works in a different style. Before moving towards different, it is essential to grab the idea of both one by one.

What is a Search Engine?

There is no need for a complex definition for Search Engine. Search Engine is an application or program, which is used to search for any kind of information on the internet. That’s it. We all are familiar with popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AoL and Ask. Search engines are used to find particular information. Whenever you insert any words, a search engine with the help of an indexer reads all the material and data available in millions of websites relevant to your word and present the same in the form of website listing on your display screen. The search engine is the best tool to filter out the reliable and relevant information. You can say it the directory or index of all worldwide webs.  Unlike other software, the search engine doesn’t require to be installed on the computer.

What is a Browser?

Browser is a platform, which allowed you to search for any website via inserting a direct URL or through a search engine. Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are common examples of browser. Browser facilitates you to search for a specific website. Today many browsers are built in with the features of search engine. For example, Google Chrome and Opera allowed you to search for a specific website or material. If you insert the wrong web address, they automatically correct it. A web browser is more important because it is the place where you can search something on the internet either in the shape of a search engine or independently. Mosaic was the first web browser which was released in 1993. After that Netscape and Firefox made history in the world of browser. For searching of any website, installation of any web browser on the system is a necessary requirement.

Key Differences between Search Engine and Browser

  1. Browser is the basic element to search for something on the internet. You cannot access any data without a web browser. That’s why the search engine is not as important as the browser.
  2. If talk about relevancy and convenience then the search engine is more convenient than the browser. If you don’t have any specific address, by giving some hint to search engine you can exactly find whatever you want.
  3. Browser is used to search a specific website while the search engine is used to sort and filter out the only relevant and particular information.
  4. The browser works independently while the search engine cannot work without a browser.
  5. The browser needs installation on the system before further processing while the search engine doesn’t require any installation and can easily access through a browser.
  6. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are examples of search engine while Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are examples of browser.

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