Sea vs. Ocean
Sea vs. Ocean

A lot of people are usually not familiar with the difference between the sea and the ocean and this is the reason why they call both of these names for the same thing. However, there is a big difference between both of them and all it needs is a little study that can help differentiate between sea and ocean. The most common difference between the seas and the oceans is that the seas are usually smaller in size than the oceans and most of the times they are located where the land meets with the ocean. However, the difference between the sea and the ocean is:

What is Ocean?

When it comes to talking about the ocean, it is actually a very big expanse of the salt water that usually covers the three quarters of the surface of this earth. The oceans are always bounded with the continents or the equator as well or there can be a lot of other imaginary lines as well. There are seven biggest oceans on this world and they are known as the Arctic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, Antarctic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. All these seven oceans of the world together are names as the world ocean. So, the oceans can never be known as seas as because of the big different among them.

Sea vs. Ocean
Sea vs. Ocean

What is Sea?

On the other hand, when it comes to the definition of the sea, it is the body of the salt water that is always surrounded by land on all of its sides. A sea can also be a part of one of the ocean like the Caspian sea and the Dead sea are known all over the world as the large saline lakes that are seen surrounded by land. The most popular seas of this world include the Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, Dead Sea, Red Sea, Baltic Sea, Bering Sea, North Sea, Coral Sea, Black Sea, Yellow Sea and so many more. However, the largest seas of the world include the Caribbean Sea, the South China Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Key Differences between Sea and Ocean

  1. Sea if the sub-part of the ocean
  2. Sea is smaller than the ocean
  3. Ocean is the larger bed of sea that Is spread while sea is the smaller part of ocean
  4. The ocean is a body of saltwater that covers the 71% of the earth, while the sea if the subdivision and it is a smaller body of the salt.
  5. Oceans are deeper as compared to the seas.