Reverse Flash Vs Professor Zoom

Reverse Flash Vs Professor Zoom: A Battle of Speedsters

The Flash has always been known for his lightning-fast speed and agility. However, there are two villains in the DC Universe who not only match his speed but also surpass it – Reverse Flash and Professor Zoom. Though they share similar powers, their motivations, origins, and abilities differ greatly. In this article, we will compare and contrast Reverse Flash and Professor Zoom and try to determine which one reigns supreme.

Origins & Motivations

Reverse Flash, also known as Eobard Thawne, was a fan of the Flash from the 25th century. He was obsessed with the Scarlet Speedster and his legacy. However, he went insane after discovering that he would not become the Flash and instead became a villain. His mission in life became to destroy everything that the Flash holds dear, especially his family and friends.

On the other hand, Professor Zoom, also known as Hunter Zolomon, was a friend of the Flash. He worked alongside the Flash as a profiler at the Central City Police Department. However, after an incident that left him paralyzed, he demanded that the Flash go back in time and change the event. When the Flash refused, Zolomon stole the Cosmic Treadmill and attempted to go back in time himself, causing a massive explosion that granted him his powers. Zolomon’s motivation is to make the Flash a better hero by making him face extreme hardships and tragedies.

Powers & Abilities

Reverse Flash and Professor Zoom have almost identical sets of powers. Both can run at superhuman speeds, create afterimages, vibrate through solid objects, and travel through time. However, Reverse Flash possesses certain nuances that give him an edge over Professor Zoom. He can absorb and store kinetic energy and use it to increase his powers, create powerful energy blasts from his hands, and create a negative speed force that drains the powers of anyone connected to the positive speed force. Additionally, Reverse Flash is immune to the effects of the time stream, whereas Professor Zoom can only manipulate it to a certain extent.

However, Professor Zoom’s unique powers make him incredibly dangerous in his own right. He can manipulate time to create illusions and alternate realities, causing his enemies to go insane. He can also freeze time, allowing him to move objects without anyone noticing. Moreover, he can manipulate the vibrations of objects or individuals, making them sick, and even exploding them.


Reverse Flash’s biggest weakness is his obsession with the Flash. He is too consumed with his hatred towards the Flash, which often clouds his judgment and makes him vulnerable. Additionally, he is vulnerable to emotional outbursts, which can cause him to act recklessly.

Professor Zoom, on the other hand, has two significant weaknesses. His powers are fueled by his desire to make the Flash a better hero. If the Flash ever stops caring about his legacy, Professor Zoom’s powers start to weaken. Furthermore, he is incredibly arrogant and enjoys tormenting his enemies, which often makes him overconfident and allows his plans to backfire.


To conclude, Reverse Flash and Professor Zoom are two powerful villains who possess strikingly similar powers, but have different motivations and origins. While Reverse Flash’s abilities are primarily focused on his speed and agility, Professor Zoom’s powers are more versatile and can manipulate time and vibrations. Both have their respective weaknesses, but ultimately it is Reverse Flash who comes out on top due to his superior abilities, particularly his ability to absorb and store kinetic energy. However, it is important to note that neither villain should be taken lightly, as they can each pose a significant threat to the Flash and his loved ones.


Q1. Does Reverse Flash have any weaknesses besides his obsession with the Flash?

A1. Yes, Reverse Flash can be incredibly emotional and prone to outbursts. He can also be reckless in battle, which can leave him vulnerable to counterattacks.

Q2. Is Professor Zoom faster than Reverse Flash?

A2. No, Reverse Flash is faster than Professor Zoom, as he possesses the power to absorb and store kinetic energy. This allows him to become even faster than the Flash, whom he idolizes.

Q3. Can Reverse Flash manipulate time?

A3. Yes, Reverse Flash can manipulate time, much like Professor Zoom. However, his powers in this regard are not as potent as Professor Zoom’s.