Restroom Vs Bathroom

Restroom Vs Bathroom: What’s the Difference?

In everyday life, we frequently hear people say restroom and bathroom interchangeably. However, did you know that these two terms refer to distinct things? Indeed, though the distinction is slight, it is still important to learn because knowing what each term represents can help you avoid awkward or embarrassing situations.

So, in this article, we will explain the differences between a restroom and a bathroom, and we will compare them to demonstrate the different scenarios in which each term is utilized.

What is a restroom?

A restroom, also known as a washroom, is a place designated for people to go and relieve themselves, particularly to urinate. As the name implies, it is a location where people go for rest and relaxation, to freshen up or use the restroom. Restrooms are generally grouped with other amenities like food, drink, or entertainment areas, for the convenience of the people using them.

Restrooms are typically located in public areas, where a large number of people might be required to use them. In schools, movie theaters, airports, museums, parks, stadiums, shopping malls, and other public places, restrooms are a common feature. They come in different shapes and sizes, but most restrooms have two or more sets of bathrooms used by both men and women.

What is a bathroom?

A bathroom, on the other hand, is essentially a private area within a living space or an office building, with facilities that allow one to take care of their hygienic needs. A bathroom typically includes a sink or a washbasin, a toilet, and a bathing facility, such as a shower or bathtub.

In other words, a bathroom offers a shower or bath area in addition to a restroom. More often than not, bathrooms and restrooms can be found in homes or office buildings for private use. A bathroom can either be en-suite or located elsewhere in the home or office space.

Differences between Restroom and Bathroom

1. Types of facilities they provide

The critical difference between a bathroom and a restroom is in the types of facilities provided in each. A restroom only provides facilities for people to use the toilet while a bathroom offers privacy and more comprehensive hygiene facilities like bathing.

A bathroom can have a bathtub or a shower area, a sink, and a toilet. While a restroom only has the toilet, washbasin, and a mirror. Restrooms are more like quick pitstops while a bathroom provides a complete range of facilities that help one take care of their hygiene needs.

2. Accessibility

Restrooms are usually located in a public place easily accessible to people, while bathrooms are generally not as visible. Restrooms are found in areas that receive high foot traffic – malls, theaters, parks, etc. Bathrooms are commonly located within private premises, and they can be individual or en-suite within a living space.

3. Privacy

Privacy is another significant difference between a bathroom and a restroom. Bathrooms, whether located within a house or office, offer more privacy as they are designated for personal use. People are not expected to share them, and so they are usually a single space. Restrooms are public, and individuals are required to share them.

Bathrooms, particularly those within the house, are a place of relaxation and comfort, making them extra private. They are designed to offer complete privacy and are only used by the occupants of the house.


1. Are washrooms and restrooms the same?

No, while both have the same functionality – a place where individuals can relieve themselves – there’s a slight distinction in what each offers. A restroom typically only provides toilets while a bathroom offers more complete hygiene facilities like sinks, shower areas, and bathtubs.

2. Why are restrooms referred to as washrooms?

Washrooms are a common euphemism used for restrooms because they used to contain washbasins, soap dispensers, and towels besides the toilets, which gave people space to freshen up, wash their hands, and face.

3. What’s more luxurious, a bathroom, or a restroom?

It depends on the definition of luxury. A restroom offers basic facilities of toilets and washbasins, which might be adequate in a public space, but a bathroom is the quintessential setup that offers complete privacy and hygiene facilities, including showering and bathing.

4. Can a restroom have a shower area?

Technically no as restrooms are primarily designed for quick relief and do not have the same level of hygiene facilities provided by bathrooms. However, some modern restrooms might have facilities for washing one’s face or hands, but it’s not a shower area.


Although the terms restroom and bathroom have become interchangeable in common conversation, the difference between them is quite significant. While restrooms offer toilets and wash-basins, bathrooms provide more comprehensive hygiene facilities like shower areas, sinks and bathtubs.

This difference in functionality, accessibility, and privacy makes it crucial to acknowledge and appreciate the diversity in the utilization of these spaces. Now that we have uncovered the significant distinctness between restrooms and bathrooms, use them accurately in a variety of settings to avoid confusion.