Reek Game Of Thrones Book

Reek is a character in George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, which was adapted into the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Reek first appears in the second book, A Clash of Kings, as a servant of Theon Greyjoy, a main character who is also a former hostage of the Starks. Reek’s story arc is one of the more difficult and complex ones in the series, so let’s take a closer look at this unique character and his role in the books and show.

Who is Reek?

Reek in the books is actually two different characters, but their stories are intertwined. The first Reek is a lowborn man who serves as a hired torturer for Ramsay Bolton, the sadistic son of Roose Bolton, who is one of the main antagonists in the series. The second Reek is actually Theon Greyjoy, who is captured by Ramsay and subjected to horrific torture and mutilation. Ramsay eventually convinces Theon to adopt the identity of his dead servant, Reek, as a way of breaking his will and turning him into a loyal servant.

What is Reek’s role in the story?

The first Reek is a minor character who serves as a henchman for Ramsay Bolton. He is responsible for torturing and killing many of the Stark bannermen who remain loyal to Robb Stark during the War of the Five Kings. He is also responsible for capturing Theon Greyjoy and delivering him to Ramsay, who decides to turn Theon into his own personal plaything. The second Reek (Theon Greyjoy) is a major character who undergoes an incredible transformation as a result of his captivity and torture.

How does Reek fit into the larger story of A Song of Ice and Fire?

Reek’s story arc is an example of how Martin uses individual character’s experiences to explore the wider themes of his series. Theon Greyjoy’s fall from grace and his transformation into Reek are a commentary on the limits of power and the terrible consequences of betraying loved ones for the sake of ambition. Ramsay Bolton’s sadism and cruelty also serve as a reminder that even in a world with dragons and magic, the greatest threats often come from the darkest aspects of human nature.

Reek’s story arc in Game of Thrones

Reek’s story in the HBO series is largely faithful to the books, although some details are changed or omitted for the sake of pacing or clarity. The character of the first Reek is combined with the character of Ramsay Bolton’s huntsman, while the second Reek (Theon Greyjoy) plays a more prominent role in the series. Actor Alfie Allen gives a powerful and nuanced performance as Theon/Reek in the later seasons, portraying the character’s physical and emotional scars with great sensitivity.


Reek is one of the most memorable and challenging characters in the Game of Thrones universe. His story is a testament to Martin’s skill as a writer and his ability to explore complex themes through the eyes of individual characters. Whether you are a fan of the books, the show, or both, Reek’s story is sure to stay with you, long after the final pages have been turned or the credits have rolled.