Received On Snapchat

Received On Snapchat: A Complete Guide

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that has been taking the world by storm over recent years. It is a messaging app that allows you to send and receive pictures and videos, which disappear after a set time. Snapchat has also introduced a feature that allows you to see when someone has received your Snap. In this article, we will walk you through everything there is to know about “received on Snapchat.”

How does it work?

When you send a message, and it is delivered to someone, you will receive a notification that your message has been delivered to that person. However, just because the recipient has received your snap doesn’t mean they have opened it – there are still unread messages. The Received status, indicated by a filled arrow, means that your snap has been opened and viewed by the recipient.

What do different types of arrows mean?

Unfilled Arrow: This means that your snap has been sent, but it has not yet been delivered to the recipient.

Filled Arrow: This means that your snap has been delivered to the recipient’s device. However, it hasn’t been opened and viewed by the recipient.

Purple Filled Arrow: This means that your snap has been opened and viewed by the recipient.

Blue Arrow: This means that your snap has been opened, and your audio or video message has been replayed by the recipient.

Red Arrow: A Red Filled Arrow means that your snap has not been viewed yet, and it will expire soon if the receiver does not open and view it.

What if the receiver doesn’t open my snap?

If the recipient doesn’t open your snap, it will expire within 24 hours. However, you can choose to delete the snap before it expires. If you send a Picture or a Video Snap, you can decide to delete it by tapping on the snap and choosing to delete it. It’s essential to note that if you send a Chat (text message), it will stay until the recipient opens it or you delete it.

Can any snap be received on Snapchat?

Not all snaps can be received on Snapchat. There are many types of snaps on the platform: pictures, videos, texts, and stories. Every snap can be sent to individuals or groups, with the exception of Snapchat Stories, which are visible to all your followers. Snaps can also be deleted before they expire. However, keep in mind that unlike regular snaps, Story snaps cannot be deleted after 24 hours.

Why is “received on Snapchat” a big deal?

Snapchat is popular among younger generations, and because of the temporary nature of the messages, it allows for more candid and spontaneous sharing. The Received status provides a feeling of satisfaction and assurance that the recipient has viewed your snap. It is important to note that Snapchat is still developing, and new features are always being added. There’s a chance that the Received feature could be updated or removed, so always keep an eye out for any changes.


Snapchat is an incredible way of sharing your moments with your friends, family, or audience. The Received feature is vital because it provides confirmation that your message has been seen. It is a feature that is essential in maintaining communication and building relationships. Understanding the different types of arrows and what they mean is imperative in optimizing your Snapchat experience. Knowing how to use the platform effectively increases its value and continues to grow its user base. Keep sharing memories, but always remember to keep your privacy in mind.

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