Queen Size Comforter On King Bed

Queen Size Comforter On King Bed: A Fashion Statement

One fashion query that comes in the mind of those who want to buy a king-size bed is whether the queen size comforter will fit it or not. The question is valid because a bed that is larger than the comforter may look lopsided and out of proportion. However, the answer is simple: yes, a queen size comforter can fit on a king-size bed, provided that you follow some simple rules.

First of all, there are certain factors that you need to consider before making the final purchase of the queen size comforter. These factors include the size of the king-size bed, the thickness of the mattress, and the type of comforter you will use. Once you have taken these factors into consideration, you can proceed to get the best queen size comforter for your king-size bed.

Size of King-Size Bed

A king-size bed is larger than a queen-size bed, with dimensions measuring 76 inches by 80 inches as opposed to 60 inches by 80 inches for a queen-size bed. This means that a queen-size comforter will not fully cover the king-size bed, but it can look good if you use it in a smart way. Here are some tips that will help you create the perfect look with your queen size comforter on your king-size bed.

Create A Layered Look

If you want to add a designer touch to your bed and make it look chic, you can opt for the layered look. The layered look works because the queen size comforter can add volume and depth to the bed, making it look visually stunning. To achieve the layered look, you can use the queen-size comforter as your outer layer, and use a thicker and larger blanket as your inner layer. By overlapping the layers, you can create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Add Accent Pillows

Another way to make your queen size comforter look perfect on the king-size bed is by using accent pillows. Accent pillows serve two purposes. First, they add visual interest and texture to the bed. Second, they help to fill the gap between the queen size comforter and the headboard. You can use one large accent pillow, or a group of smaller ones, to make your bed look luxurious and inviting.

Use A Bed Skirt

If you want to make the queen size comforter look even better on your king-size bed, you can add a bed skirt. The bed skirt works as a decorative element that adds a polished look to the bed. The bed skirt can cover the legs of the bed, making it look neat and organized. The bed skirt also complements the queen size comforter, creating a cohesive and unified look.

Thickness of Mattress

The thickness of the mattress plays a critical role in the fit of the queen size comforter on the king-size bed. A thicker mattress will make the queen size comforter look much smaller and out of place, while a thinner mattress will make the queen size comforter look oversized. Therefore, you should consider the thickness of your mattress when you purchase the queen size comforter. Typically, most king-size beds have mattresses that are 10-12 inches thick. In this case, you should opt for a queen size comforter that is at least 90 inches wide and 90 inches long, to ensure that it covers the bed adequately.

Type of Comforter

The type of comforter you use will also determine how well the queen size comforter fits on your king-size bed. There are two types of comforters: lightweight and heavyweight.

Lightweight Comforters

Lightweight comforters are thinner and less bulky than heavyweights, making them ideal for use during the summer months. They are also easier to store when not in use. However, the lightweight comforters tend to have less fill, which means that they may not be able to maintain their shape, and may look too small on king-size beds.

Heavier Comforters

Heavier comforters are thicker and more substantial than lightweight comforters, making them ideal for use in the winter months. They also have more fill, which means that they can maintain their shape, even on larger beds. However, heavier comforters can be difficult to store when not in use, and can also be cumbersome to handle during the warmer seasons.

In conclusion, using a queen size comforter on a king-size bed is not only possible, but it can also add a lot of character to your bedroom. By considering the size of your bed, the thickness of your mattress, and the type of comforter you want to use, you can create a look that is sophisticated, elegant, and visually stunning. So, go ahead and try the queen size comforter on your king-size bed, and see the difference it can make.