Putting A King Comforter On A Queen Bed

Putting a King Comforter On A Queen Bed – Some Tips and Tricks

Are you tired of your queen-sized comforter not providing enough warmth or coverage on your bed? Or maybe you found a great deal on a king-sized comforter but don’t want to purchase a new bed to accommodate it? Fear not, as we have some tips and tricks to help you successfully put a king comforter on a queen bed.

Before diving into the process of putting a king comforter on a queen bed, it’s important to know the difference between the two sizes. A queen-sized bed typically measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, while a king-sized bed measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. This means that a king-sized comforter is 16 inches wider than a queen bed, leaving some excess fabric on both sides. However, with some strategic folding and placement, you can make it work.

One option is to fold the excess fabric under the mattress so it is out of sight. This fold can be made on both sides of the comforter to even out the weight distribution. Another option is to fold the excess fabric at the foot of the bed, creating a ruffled look. This can add some dimension to your bedding and make it look more cozy.

Once you have folded the excess fabric on either side, you will need to ensure that the comforter is centered on the bed. This means that it should hang evenly on both sides of the bed and not be lopsided. A quick way to do this is to simply measure the distance from the edge of the comforter to the edge of the bed on both sides to ensure it is centered.

If you are using a duvet cover with your king-sized comforter, you will need to make sure that it fits properly on the queen-sized bed. It’s best to measure the dimensions of the duvet cover and compare them to the queen-sized bed before putting it on the bed. If the cover is too big, you can try folding it under the mattress as well. If it is too small, you may need to purchase a new cover that fits the queen size properly.

When selecting a king-sized comforter to put on a queen bed, it’s important to take into consideration the thickness of the comforter. Depending on the fill material and weight, some king-sized comforters may be too heavy or too thick for a queen-sized bed. This can make it difficult to fold and place on the bed properly, and may result in it slipping or falling off during the night. It’s always a good idea to check the weight and thickness of the comforter before purchasing to ensure it will work for your queen-sized bed.

In addition to making sure the comforter fits properly on the bed, it’s important to keep the overall aesthetic in mind. Depending on the color and design of the comforter you choose, it can either complement or clash with your existing decor. Choosing a neutral or classic pattern is a safe bet if you are unsure of which direction to go in. However, if you are feeling bold, you can try mixing patterns and textures to add some depth to your bedding.

In conclusion, putting a king comforter on a queen bed is completely possible with a few simple techniques. By folding the excess fabric under the mattress or at the foot of the bed, centering the comforter properly, and choosing a suitable cover and thickness, you can achieve a cozy and stylish look for your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures to create a unique and personalized look. With these tips and tricks, you can enjoy a warm and comfortable night’s sleep without breaking the bank on a new bed.