Pound vs. Quid

The main contrast between the Pound and the Quid is that even the Pound is an official currency used in many nations, including the United Kingdom and Britain, while the Quid is a slang name for the Pound. The Pound is the currency still in use worldwide. It is commonly referred to as the Quid in the United Kingdom. One buck equals 100 pence.

Comparison Chart

DefinitionThe official currency of many countries        The official currency
The OriginPoundus is the Latin word.Quid is the Latin word.
MeaningWeight‘Something for something.’
Emergence8th century.late 17th century.
CountriesUK, England, Egypt, Lebanon,In countries, the pound is the official currency.
Slang wordssterling, smacker, nickerslang term for the pound
In Phoneticpaundquid
TermLibra   Quid pro quo

What is Pound?

The Pound, generally known as the British Pound or GBP in shortened form, is the official currency of Britain, the United Kingdom, England, Egypt, and other countries. It is also the world’s oldest money which is still in use. UK residents refer to it as Pound Sterling.

The Pound symbol is £; it has been around since the eighth century and derives from the Latin word poundus, “weight.”

Sterling, smacker, smackeroo, sovereign, and nicker are Pound’s nicknames. The Pound served as Australia’s currency between 1910 to 1966. It eventually took it out in place of the dollar.

Pounds are the official currency of England and were initially based on silver coins, but now they are based on gold coins. Five pounds are the highest value note, and one Pound is the lowest.

What is Quid?

Quid is a slang term for the Pound, which has the same meaning as Pound. To put it another way, it’s a term for the Pound. It’s the same as 100 pence. Its origins remain a mystery.

In its most basic form, the Latin word quid denoted an exchange of goods. The £5 and £10 notes are examples of these notes. Quid is a slang term for money in the United Kingdom, and it is always used singularly.

Several stories surround the origin of the word Quid, one claiming the term was coined at the Royal Mint in Quidhampton, which led people to call money simply Quid.

The word Quid can use to refer to any amount of money. Another well-known slang phrase for the currency power of a hundred US dollars is indeed grand. Quid also is come from the Latin word ‘quid pro quo,’ which means something in exchange for something.’

Key Differences Between Pound and Quid

  1. The Pound is a widely used currency; the Quid is a slang term for the Pound.
  2. The name ‘pound’ derives from the Latin word ‘Libra,’. In Latin, the term ‘quid pro quo’ means ‘something for something’.
  3. The word Pound comes from the Latin phrase poundus; the origin of the word quid is unknown.
  4. The Pound was likely invented in the eighth century, while the Quid was developed in the late seventeenth century.
  5. The term ‘pound’ refers to the weight of silver. The word ‘quid’ replaces the phrase ‘pound.’
  6. The Pound is used in several nations, including the United Kingdom, Saint Helena, Egypt, and Lebanon. ‘Quid,’ on the other hand, is simply a phrase for Pound.
  7. The Pound is called “paund,” and the Quid is called “quid” in phonetic language.
  8. Sterling, smackeroo, and sovereign are other slang terms for the Pound. The Quid, on either hand, is slang for the Pound.
  9. A pound is worth more than one US dollar, whereas a quid is worth 100 pence.
  10. The Pound is an official currency in the United Kingdom. A pound is referred to as a quid in slang.
  11. Pound The word pound comes from the Latin word poundus. Quid’s origin is unknown.
  12. The Pound is used for official purposes. Quid is a word that is used contextually.


Even though the Pound and the Quid are identical, some differences are considered. In the international currency markets, the Pound is immensely popular. The Pound is referred to as the Quid. It is a general term among British people.

The United Kingdom, England, Egypt, Lebanon, and other nations use the metric system. One of the countries that shifted from the Pound to the dollar was Australia. From 1910 through 1966, the Pound was the most widely used currency.

Quid was the same as Pound in the 17th century, but its origins remain a mystery. In short, there is no distinction between the Pound and the Quid. The only difference between the two terms is when they first appeared and where they came from. To put it simply, Quid is Pound’s nickname.

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