Pound vs. Quid

Main Difference

The pound is the currency used in Britain and other countries. It is sometimes known as quid which is just a term like bucks for dollars. Quid does not have any separate meaning.

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Pound vs. Quid

Comparison Chart

Basis Pound Quid
Definition The Pound Sterling is the official currency of the United Kingdom. Quid is the slang or the informal word used for the Pound.
Other names Other than names like GBP and Sterling for the Pound Sterling, this currency is often known as the British Pound. Quid itself is the other name of the Pound.
Origin The Pound is derived from the Latin word ‘Libra,’ which means the currency of ancient Rome. The term quid is derived from the Latin word ‘quid pro quo,’ which means ‘something for something.’
Usage When one refers to the pound in the United Kingdom, he/she means Pound Sterling and The Great Britain Pound. Quid is the slang or the informal word used in place of the Pound, like the word bucks are used as slang for the currency, Dollar.
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What is Pound?

The pound is the official currency of Britain which includes Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. The term was started as to use the unit value of silver in grams. it is current value is 453 grams.

What is Quid?

Quid does not have its own value separately. it is a slang term used for pound. Quid like the pound is used in Britain and European countries. it also weighs the same like one quid equals to 453 grams.

Key Differences between Pound and Quid

  1. The pound is the official country of the European countries and Great Britain. Quid is just a slang term like bucks for dollars in America.
  2. ‘The origin of the pound is Latin word Libra pondo’ which happens to be the currency in the ancient Roman empire and it means “weighed on to scales” . ‘Quid’ is originated from the Latin words ‘quid pro quo,’ with the meaning ‘something for something.’
  3. pound has many slang word like ‘sterling’ but quid is itself slang term for pound like bucks or grand.
  4. ‘Pound’ is weighted in silver as one pound is 453 grams of silver and quid has whatever value pound gets.
  5. Pound is more commonly used in upper class being the term of kings and queens while the quid refers to street language or the lowest class.
  6. The official currency is pound and quid does not have any official status.
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