Pokemon Sword Vs Shield


If you are a fan of Pokemon and Nintendo, then you probably know about the latest release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. This has been the most anticipated game of the year, and gamers around the world are excited to play the latest installment in the Pokemon series. But, if you are wondering which one to choose, then read on as we compare Pokemon Sword vs Shield.


One of the significant differences between Sword and Shield is the gameplay. Sword and Shield offer almost the same experience, but with some noticeable differences. In Sword, you can catch Pokemon like Farfetch’d, Ponyta, and Sirfetch’d, while Shield offers exclusive Pokemon like Galarian Ponyta, Sirfetch’d, and Galarian Farfetch’d.

Both games have a unique feature called Dynamax, where Pokemon can grow to giant sizes and become stronger. This feature adds excitement and changes the gameplay mechanic. However, the Pokemon can only be Dynamaxed in specific areas.


The main characters in both games are the same, and you play as a character who is starting their journey to become a Pokemon trainer. However, Sword and Shield feature different rivals, gym leaders, and other NPCs that you meet along the way. In Sword, players face-off against Bea, who specializes in fighting-type Pokemons, while Shield players face-off against Allister, who is a ghost-type gym leader.


The storyline in both games is almost identical. You start in a small town and have to complete various tasks, collect gym badges, and defeat the champion to become the Galar region’s Pokemon champion. However, the games have minor differences in the story, NPCs, and dialogues, which can make the experience unique.


The graphics in Sword and Shield are impressive and show the Galar region beautifully. Both games feature 3D graphics, and the Pokemon are well-designed with incredible detail. The battle animations are smooth, and the Dynamax feature adds another level of excitement. However, some players have reported that the games’ performance is slow and choppy in some areas, especially when playing on older Nintendo Switch models.

Music and Sound:

The music and sound design in Sword and Shield are top-notch. The games feature original soundtracks that complement the game’s scenes and provide a unique experience. The sound effects during battles are realistic and add to the gameplay. However, some players have reported that there are some inconsistencies in the sound design, especially in the Pokemon cries, which may sound different from previous installments.

Final Verdict:

Sword and Shield offer almost the same experience with minor differences. You may choose one game over the other based on your preference for exclusive Pokemon, gym leaders, or storyline. However, both games are worth playing and offer an exciting journey to become the Galar region’s Pokemon champion.


Q: Can I transfer my Pokemon from previous games to Sword and Shield?
A: Yes, you can transfer your Pokemon to Sword and Shield through the Pokemon Home app.

Q: Can I play Sword or Shield on the original Nintendo Switch?
A: Yes, you can play Sword and Shield on the original Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Q: How long does it take to complete Sword and Shield?
A: The game’s length depends on how fast you play and how many side quests you complete. On average, it takes 20-25 hours to complete the main story.

Q: Are Sword and Shield getting DLCs?
A: Yes, Sword and Shield are getting expansion packs called Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra.

Q: How many exclusive Pokemon are in Sword and Shield?
A: There are 28 exclusive Pokemon in Sword and Shield.