Pharynx vs. Larynx

By the terminology of the pharynx, we mean a part of the throat the main objective of which is to show the way from the cavities of the mouth and nose to the larynx and the esophagus. The location of the pharynx can be found at the back of the mouth and nasal cavity. The status of the pharynx is superior to those of the larynx, esophagus, and trachea. A total of three parts of the pharynx is present which are known as the nasopharynx, oropharynx, and the laryngopharynx. The function of the pharynx is remarkable in the human body because it is not only the part of the respiratory system but at the same time, it is the part of the digestive system as well. The importance of the pharynx is not only secluded to these systems of the human body but on the other side, it plays a vital role in the vocalization process in addition. At the level of sixth vertebra, the pharynx comes to an end. The size of the pharynx is approximately 12cm long. The shape of the pharynx will become narrowest at the point where it ends to initiate the esophagus. The voice box of the human beings is known as the Larynx. This is the particular organ the main purpose of which is to make the sound out of exhaling air from the lungs. The location of the larynx can be found at the junction of the trachea and esophagus. The larynx opens into the laryngopharynx. Despite of the main function of producing the sound, it is the duty of the larynx to prevent the food particles from entering into the respiratory system or the trachea by acting as a barrier but it performs this function inactively. The larynx is able to a good audible sound just because of the presence of the well organized vocal cords in the larynx.

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Pharynx vs. Larynx

Contents: Difference between Pharynx and Larynx

What is Pharynx?

After examining a specific region in the throat, you will come to know that if it is consists of the posterior to the nasal and oral cavities as well as, it is superior to the esophagus then it will be the Pharynx. The Pharynx is comprised of the three major distinct regions which are called nasopharynx, oropharynx and laryngopharynx. The importance of both the oropharynx and laryngopharynx is far above the ground in the humans and both of these regions are common for helping in the procedures of the respiratory and digestive systems. The nature of the nasopharynx is the cavity that is located around the nasal cavity which is the the mostcephalad portion of the region. In the nasopharynx, the Eustachian tube opens for the prime purpose of maintaining the pressure of the auditory system just according to the requirements. The most posterior portion of the pharynx is known as the laryngopharynx. It is the major obligation of the laryngopharynx to connect with the esophagus and the larynx. From the structural point of view, this is the nasopharynx which has the most complex structure and the other two parts of the Pharynx are simple cavities.

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What is Larynx?

In common language, the Larynx is known as the voice box due to the basic reason that the process of making the sound out of the exhaling air from the lungs can be completed just because of this particular organ. You can easily find the location of the larynx at the junction of the trachea and esophagus, and Larynx is opens into the laryngopharynx. It is necessary for the humans that the food particles should be prevented from entering into the respiratory system or the trachea that can be done with the pretense of the Larynx where it acts as a barrier. In order to obtain a good audible sound, the vocal cords are present in the larynx in an organized manner. To make these cords held together, a set of nine cartilages inside the larynx is performing the duty. At the time when the breathing out air is sent out of the lung, these are the vocal cords which vibrate in the definite technique for producing a specific sound that will be manipulated by the tongue in the end to generate the words.

Key Differences between Pharynx and Larynx

  1. The status of the Larynx is an organ whereas the pharynx is supposed to be a set of regions.
  2. There are three different regions of the Pharynx. In contrast, there are different structures in the Larynx to produce sound.
  3. One of the major parts of the respiratory systems is Larynx. On the other hand, the pharynx is connected to both the digestive and respiratory systems.
  4. The collection of the cartilages made the Larynx. On the contrary, the pharynx is muscular in nature.
  5. Unlike the pharynx, Larynx has voice chords.
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