Perfer – A Powerful Virtual Event Platform for Online Gatherings

The current pandemic brought about by the outbreak of COVID-19 has brought about numerous challenges to the world, including strict lockdowns and social distancing guidelines that have completely changed the way we interact with each other. This new normal has eluded the traditional way of hosting events and meetings, forcing people to explore new means that are more flexible and virtual than face-to-face encounters.

A new era of virtualization has emerged, and with it comes Perfer, a powerful virtual event platform that redefines the way we host online events, from virtual conferences, to trade shows, to webinars, and meetings. Perfer comes with a capacity to accommodate thousands of participants, has interactive features for engagement, and numerous customization options for branding.

In this article, we shall unpack Perfer, explore its key features and benefits while comparing it to other virtual event platforms in the market.

Key Perfer Features and Benefits

1. Flexible User Interface

Perfer has an exceptionally user-friendly interface that allows for a smooth navigation experience for users. The platform also supports multiple devices and can be operated from desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Additionally, it is has a fully customized user interface with options for customization to incorporate a brand’s logos, colors, and more.

2. Superior Video and Audio Quality

Perfer has excellent video and audio quality, ensuring that all participants can have a clear and understandable experience. The platform also supports multiple video layouts, social broadcasting, webcasting, and enables users to have multiple rooms in which they can interact and share information. The platform also has features that allow video and audio recording, ensuring that users can refer to past events at their convenience.

3. Easy Networking and Engagement

Perfer offers sophisticated networking and engagement features that enable participants to interact with each other seamlessly. Users can form groups, schedule meetings, chat, and engage in polls or Q&A sessions. The platform also ensures that participants have features for social media sharing and commenting, enabling real-time communication and feedback from participants.

4. Advanced Analytics Tools

Perfer has robust analytical tools that monitor participant activities, track user engagement, and collect relevant data for reporting purposes. The platform offers features that allow users to request feedback from attendees to improve future events better. The analytical tools also help organizers to measure the ROI of an event.

5. Security and Privacy

Perfer puts a significant emphasis on protecting user privacy by ensuring the highest standards of security protocols. The platform uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that all communications between users are secure. All user data is also encrypted and stored in secure servers to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.

Perfer Vs. Other Virtual Event Platforms

1. Perfer vs. Zoom

While Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool, Perfer is a dedicated virtual event platform that offers advanced features for user engagement, networking, customization, and reporting. Perfer can host up to thousands of participants, while Zoom can only host a maximum of 1000 participants. Perfer ensures high-quality video and audio, while Zoom has reported issues with clarity and unreliability in critical moments. Additionally, Perfer offers a secure environment with end-to-end encryption of communication, while Zoom has faced security concerns.

2. Perfer vs. Hopin

Hopin is a popular virtual event platform that offers similar features and capabilities as Perfer. However, Perfer stands out with its premium features for user engagement, networking, customization, and reporting. Perfer offers multiple video layout options, while Hopin has only one video layout option. Perfer also ensures better video and audio quality than Hopin, and its analytics tools are more extensive than Hopin’s.

FAQs about Perfer

1. Is Perfer easy to use?

Yes, Perfer is exceptionally user-friendly and comes with an intuitive user interface that ensures smooth navigation for users, while also supporting multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

2. Can participants interact with each other on Perfer?

Yes, Perfer has advanced engagement, networking, and interaction features that allow participants to chat, form groups, schedule meetings, engage in polls, and even host multiple rooms.

3. Is Perfer secure?

Yes, Perfer places a significant emphasis on security and user privacy. The platform uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that all communications between users are secure. Additionally, all user data is encrypted and stored in secure servers to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.


Perfer is a robust and advanced virtual event platform designed to redefine the way we host events online. Its range of powerful features such as superior video and audio quality, user engagement, and analytics tools make it a top pick for anyone looking to host virtual events with multiple participants. By comparing it with other platforms such as Zoom and Hopin, Perfer’s unique features stand out due to its focus on customization, security, and user engagement.