The OSS is stands for Operations Support System while the meaning of the term BSS is Business Support System. In the current going business sector, they have become the vital components of any business body working on the face of this planet. The workings of both the systems are not dependent on each other. For the basic target of aligning the business and operations into a common goal, the proper integration between OSS and BSS should be accomplished. The main purpose of OSS is to provide the status of the operation and the BSS is the business term that is interfacing with the customer or end user. Because of the functionality of these business terminologies, the integration of both the systems is necessary in order to perform the telecom operations, where the business activities are entirely needy on the operation of the network.

What is OSS?

The chief purpose of OSS is to generate the main data that is linked to the status of network as well as to facilitate the maintenance of customer services at the same time. There are separate vendor particular management and configuration systems are present for each node in the operations system. These specific management and configuration systems are collectively called the operations support system. The OSS is mainly utilized for the sake of performing the diagnostics along with the process of gathering useful information, including the identification of the fault location in addition to cause in  the case when any operational problem occurs. It is an additional ability of OSS to rectify the identified issue. The main utilization of OSS can be observed in the procedure of monitoring the status of important nodes and their interoperability. OSS has the capability of maintaining the continuous service to the end user. If a business required the network node upgrade and maintenance then this facility is also provided by OSS. These are the major grounds the technical staff of the company can perform their duties with the aid OSS.

What is BSS?

The applications which are supportive to the customer interface activities which are used for the major services of the OSS are performed by BSS. The chief processes are covered by BSS, including the management of the revenue, customer, and product order. In the revenue management that is performed by BSS, some of the most important processes are performed which include but not limited to the billing, charging, mediation and rating. Any combination of the available services can be handled by BSS. In the process of customer management, the customer care, customer relationship administration and customer matter tracking systems the services of BSS are vital. In the customer end, the use of the BSS is the up to the minute technique that is utilized by almost every sort of company all over the world.

Key Differences between OSS and BSS

  1. The working of OSS is related to the operations, while the working of the BSS is to handle the interfacing of customers to the services which are offered by the operations.
  2. The industries which are associated with the service providing where the main focus is to enhance customer satisfaction, it is the BSS that caters the principle to OSS. In other sorts of businesses, it is the OSS which provides guidelines to the BSS.
  3. It is the technical staff known as backend which is responsible for handling the OSS whereas the frontend staff of a company is responsible for handling the BSS.

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