Orewa Japanese

Orewa Japanese are a diverse group of people who have come to settle in the seaside town of Orewa, located on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. They come from different parts of Japan, bringing with them their unique cultural practices, food, language, and lifestyle.

The Orewa Japanese community is a growing one, with many young families and professionals choosing to settle in the area due to its relaxed and idyllic lifestyle. They are active members of the local community, participating in events and contributing to the town’s local economy.

One of the most significant factors that distinguish the Orewa Japanese community from other Japanese communities in New Zealand is their close-knit community. They have established various community groups and organizations, such as the Orewa Japanese Society, to support and bring people together. These groups organize events, festivals, and other social gatherings to celebrate their culture and heritage, which creates a sense of belonging.

Another defining feature of the Orewa Japanese community is their love for the outdoors. The town’s proximity to the beach and the regional parks and reserves provides the perfect opportunity for people to engage in outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping, which is highly regarded in Japanese culture. Japanese restaurants, shops, and businesses have sprung up in the town, offering a glimpse of Japan in New Zealand.

The strong cultural connections and deep respect for tradition have contributed to the Orewa Japanese community’s positive reputation in New Zealand. They are admired for their work ethics and values such as honesty, loyalty, and politeness. On the other hand, their closed and reserved nature has been criticized by some as they tend to keep to themselves and have limited interactions with non-Japanese locals.

FAQs about Orewa Japanese

1. What are some of the typical Japanese foods that Orewa Japanese enjoy?

Orewa Japanese enjoys a wide range of Japanese cuisines such as sushi, ramen, udon noodles, tempura, and yakitori. Many Japanese restaurants have been established in Orewa, and some Japanese owned businesses import Japanese ingredients to create an authentic Japanese experience.

2. How do Orewa Japanese celebrate their culture?

Orewa Japanese celebrates their culture through various events and festivals. The Orewa Japanese Society organizes an annual Japanese Festival that features traditional Japanese food, entertainment, and cultural performances. They also celebrate Japanese national holidays and other significant events such as the cherry blossom festival.

3. How do Orewa Japanese balance their traditional Japanese values with western values?

Orewa Japanese strives to maintain their traditional Japanese values while adopting some western values that they deem fit. They believe in the importance of learning from other cultures while preserving their unique heritage. They value education, hard work, and respect, which aligns with western values.

4. What challenges do Orewa Japanese encounter in New Zealand?

Orewa Japanese encounters challenges such as language barriers, adjusting to a new environment, and cultural differences. Some Orewa Japanese find it challenging to integrate fully into the local community due to their reserved nature and limited English proficiency. However, they are actively taking steps to overcome these challenges by attending English classes and participating in community events.

5. How can local residents support and engage with the Orewa Japanese community?

Locals can support and engage with the Orewa Japanese community by attending their cultural events, trying out some Japanese cuisines, and learning about their traditions and practices. They can also volunteer to help with events and offer assistance to those who may need it. Establishing friendship with Orewa Japanese helps to break down cultural barriers and create a more inclusive community.

In conclusion, Orewa Japanese communities are an essential part of the multicultural landscape in New Zealand. They bring with them their unique cultural and traditional practices and contribute positively to the local community. Their deep respect for tradition and values such as hard work and loyalty are qualities that are highly valued in New Zealand. Despite the challenges they encounter, the Orewa Japanese community continues to thrive and grow, and their presence adds to the vibrancy and diversity of the country.