Oblong Vs Oval Shape

Choosing the right shape for your face can be a daunting task as it defines your overall appearance. Oblong and Oval face shapes are two of the most common face shapes that people have. Each of these shapes comes with its unique set of strengths and weaknesses. It’s essential to understand the differences between these two shapes and how to best accentuate their features. In this article, we delve into Oblong Vs. Oval Shape, their characteristics, and the most appropriate hairstyles and makeup to flatter them.

Oblong Face Shape

An oblong-shaped face is characterized by its elongated shape, where the length of the face is much greater than its width. This shape is also referred to as rectangular or long face shape. People with oblong-shaped faces have a high forehead, a long nose, and a narrow chin. It’s essential to choose a hairstyle that can help balance the face’s features and make it appear more symmetrical.

The most flattering hairstyles for oblong face shapes are those that add width to the face. The best hairstyles include a casual loose bun, layered cuts, and choppy bangs. Loose buns should be avoided as they highlight the length of the face more. Soft waves created with a curling iron or straightener can also help add width to the face. Avoid hairstyles that are slicked back or pulled tightly into a ponytail or bun as they tend to lengthen the face further.

When it comes to makeup, the aim should be to balance the long face by creating an illusion of width. To achieve this, use a foundation that matches your skin tone and eliminates any patches. Highlight your cheeks with blush to make your face appear wider. Use darker tones on the outer corners of the forehead and the jawline to create an illusion of a shorter face. Avoid applying blush on your chin as it can elongate your face.

Oval Face Shape

The oval-shaped face is often regarded as the ideal shape as it is the most versatile to style. This shape has more balanced proportions than the Oblong shape. The forehead and jawline are well-balanced and have soft curves. The oval shape is the most versatile face shape as it can pull off almost any hairstyle or makeup look.

The most flattering hairstyles for an oval face shape are those with volume and texture. Soft, layered haircuts and long bobs are perfect for this face shape. Oval faces can pull off any bang style, from straight blunt bangs to wispy, side-swept bangs. Avoid hairstyles that are too voluminous, as they can add unnecessary width to the face.

When it comes to makeup for an oval face shape, there aren’t any specific guidelines. Feel free to experiment with different looks and styles. Keep in mind that the aim should always be to enhance your natural features. Use a light, natural foundation, and highlight your cheekbones with blush to accentuate their curve. You can also play with bold eyes and lips to add some drama to your look.

Comparison – Oblong vs. Oval Shape

While both oblong and oval faces are elongated, the critical difference between them is the width of the face. Oblong faces have a narrow width, whereas oval faces have a balanced width. Oblong faces have a high forehead and a pointed chin. On the other hand, oval faces have a rounded jawline and a broader forehead.

Hairstyles that fit oval-shaped faces tend to broaden the forehead and add softness to the jawline, while hairstyles for oblong faces add width to the forehead and chin, creating an illusion of a shorter face. Oval faces can pull off almost any hairstyle, while oblong faces need hairstyles that add volume and texture to the sides of the head.

When it comes to makeup, the oval shape needs very little to enhance its features. It has a balanced face shape, and the natural features are well-defined. Oblong faces require makeup that balances the sharp angles of the forehead, nose, and chin, creating an illusion of roundness.


In conclusion, choosing the right face shape and accompanying hairstyling and makeup techniques can drastically enhance your overall appearance. Oblong faces tend to be longer and narrower than oval faces. The majority of hairstyles for oblong shapes should add width to balance out the shape, while oval faces can pull off any and almost every hairstyle.

Makeup and styling for oval faces give a relatively easy process, as their facial features are balanced and usually require natural and minimal makeup. Oblong faces, however, require a bit more precision and lighter makeup to avoid unnaturally emphasizing the lengthy and narrow shape. Remember, the key is to highlight your best features and create a balance between the facial features to accentuate your natural beauty.