Notepad vs. WordPad

Notepad and WordPad are the writing tools of the Windows Operating System, which are used to create, open and edit the text files. In short, both are text editing tools to helps you in writing documents and papers. After the basic introduction, it looks like both will be the same. But the fact is that both are different from each other due to functions, options, and simplicity.

What is Notepad?

Notepad is a blank page pad and plain text editor provided by Microsoft Windows Operating System for making of notes or documents. It is built in with limited features and functions. Limited font size and style and options of page setup, find and replace are available in Notepad. If you want to create and write HTML documents webpage, scripts or computer programs than Notepad is the best option for you. One distinctive and hidden feature of Notepad is that if you want to unformat the size and design of your text you can do it with Notepad without using MS Word. Just paste the text in Notepad it will automatically show the text in plan format. Now copy it and use it wherever you want.

What is WordPad?

WordPad is another basic editing and processing tool of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, which is highly featured and advanced than Notepad but simpler and easier than MS Word. It came into action after replacing the Microsoft Writer. It is an easy tool for a simple task. It provides a lot of options and facilities in the shape of print, fonts, bold, italic and coloring of text. Due to its simplicity, it is very helpful in writing short stories, letters and short notes. Moreover, you can insert dates, pictures, hyperlinks, can change page margins and view & print the document.

Key Differences between Notepad and WordPad

  1. The first fundamental difference arises on formatting options. In Notepad you can increase the font size and change the style but cannot bold, italic, underline, color, increase or decrease the indent, line spacing and paragraph setting, which is available by WordPad.
  2. Inserting pictures & objects, painting drawing is available by WordPad but not available by Notepad.
  3. You can insert date and time into your documents by using WordPad. You can also do the same in Notepad but by manually typing it is possible.
  4. The basic file format of Notepad is .txt and WordPad file format is .rtf.
  5. In addition to the basic format of .rtf, WordPad also offers five additional file format.
  6. You can open Notepad files in WordPad but WordPad files cannot be open into Notepad until it is saved in .txt file format.
  7. WordPad is specially designed for writing papers, documents and letters and basic purpose of Notepad is to create and write HTML documents for websites, scripts or computer programs.
  8. Notepad is suitable for writing and producing simple documents while WordPad is advisable for writing designed documents, papers and lists.

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