Nooglers – The New Google Employees

Google, the world’s most prominent search engine, is a dynamic workspace offering numerous career opportunities. With an ideal work culture, the organization is known worldwide for the benefits they provide to their employees. They have offices in various countries and are always looking for talented individuals to join their team. However, the Google team has a unique way of welcoming their new employees that sets a different tone for the Google experience.

Upon arrival, new Google employees, commonly referred to as Nooglers, are given a warm welcome. From the moment they arrive at the office, Nooglers are greeted with a warm smile and a distinct Noogler beanie. The official welcome ceremony is known as Noogler Orientation, where new hires receive a full day of orientation and hands-on training.

What does the term Noogler mean?

The term Noogler at Google is a combination of two words – New and Googler. Individuals joining the organization are often referred to as ‘New Googlers’ or simply as Nooglers. The term is popular within the Google community and is used affectionately to welcome new hires.

What is Noogler Orientation?

Google’s orientation for new employees is unlike any other office welcome. The Noogler Orientation program is a day-long event designed for new employees, with a focus on welcoming and introducing them to the Google organization. During the orientation, new employees are shown the ins and outs of the company, given a tour of the office, and provided with an opportunity to interact with their colleagues.

The Noogler beanie

The Noogler beanie is an essential part of the Noogler orientation ceremony. The bright-colored beanie is the symbol of the new hires’ status in the organization. The beanie has a propeller on top and is known to bring smiles to even the most serious people in the office.

Awkward moment during Noogler orientation

The Noogler orientation program at Google is designed to ease any nerves or uncertainties that new employees might have on their first day. However, even with the best of intentions, sometimes things do not go as planned. One Noogler shared their orientation experience on Reddit, highlighting a particularly awkward moment.

During the orientation ceremony, Nooglers are asked to share their name, team, and a little about themselves. When one Noogler stood to introduce himself, he shared that he was a huge fan of the company and that his dream had always been to work for Google. However, in the heat of the moment, he referred to the company as “Yahoo”. The room erupted with laughter and the mistake was quickly corrected.

What are the perks of being a Noogler?

Google has a wide range of benefits for its employees, some of which are unique to the company. As a Noogler, new employees are eligible for the same benefits and perks as other Google employees. These include:

Competitive salaries

Flexible working hours

Free meals

Health and wellness programs

Onsite fitness centers

Parental leave

Holiday pay

What are the Noogler’s responsibilities?

As a Noogler, new hires are expected to be ambitious, creative, and hardworking. The organization is known for their ‘learning culture,’ and as a Noogler, the responsibility is on the employee to pick up new skills and knowledge that will help them in their role. It is expected that employees start working on their assigned projects immediately and effectively integrate themselves into their teams.

FAQs about Nooglers

1. What is the difference between Nooglers and Googlers?

Nooglers are new employees at Google, while Googlers are individuals who have been working at Google for an extended period. Googlers are often regarded as the expert team members with extensive knowledge and experience, with Nooglers being the new members who are eager to learn and establish themselves in the organization.

2. What does a Noogler wear to work?

As a Noogler, new hires are required to wear their ceremonial Noogler beanie for the first week. This is a tradition at Google that helps Nooglers feel welcome and part of the team.

3. How long does the Noogler title last?

The title Noogler is given to new hires for their first six months at Google. After the six-month period, employees become full-fledged Googlers.

4. How does Google welcome its Nooglers?

Google has a unique welcome ceremony designed for Nooglers, known as the Noogler orientation program. The program provides a full day of orientation, hands-on training, and team building activities to help new hires integrate into the organization.


Joining Google as a Noogler is an exciting experience. The Google culture is unique, and the organization is renowned for the support they provide to their employees. The Noogler orientation program is a warm welcome that sets the tone for the Google experience. As a Noogler, employees have access to unique benefits and are tasked with integrating themselves into their teams quickly. With competitive salaries and a learning culture designed for growth, joining Google is a great career move.