Nervous System vs. Endocrine System

It is the main working of the nervous system to respond in haste to the stimuli with the help of the electrical action potentials which are sent by means of neurons. The neurons then transmit these action potentials to the target cells for which these actions are made with the aid of neurotransmitters that are known as the chemical messenger of the nervous system. In the nervous system, the response to stimuli is almost immediate.

Nervous System vs. Endocrine System
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While the endocrine system truly relies on the hormones in order to elicit answers from those cells which are selected for this intention. These hormones are synthesized at a distance by nature from these target cells. It is the function of the hormones to travel through the bloodstream or intercellular fluid till the time when they reach the targeted cells. The main purpose of these hormones is to increase or decrease the expression of specific genes in the targeted cells.

The processed taken by the Endocrine System is rather slower as compared to the nervous system, because it is the duty of the endocrine hormones to be synthesized, moved to their target cell, and then entered or signaled the chosen cell. After that, a process initiates in the target cell since it have to go through the procedure of transcription, translation, and protein synthesis previous to the future action of the hormone can be observed.

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Contents: Difference between Nervous System and Endocrine System

What is Nervous System?

The list of the major organ systems of an animal that is liable for the management of the biological activities performed inside the body can never be completed if we exclude the name of Nervous system from it.  The Nervous system performs its functionality with the help of the network of specialized cells that are generally called neurons.

The nervous system is divided in two parts known as the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). The working of the nervous system is complex one that is performed by the nerve cells. These cells are well linked with each other in a very composite manner that provides the neural pathways of every possibility.

These are the neural pathways which pass signals between the body parts of a living thing related to animal kingdom. The working of the nervous system is done by means of electrochemical waves or pulses that are generated and traveled through the axon of the neuron. These pulses reached the targeted cells and initiate the required action through the neural pathways.

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What is Endocrine System?

The main components of the Endocrine system are glands which are discrete in nature. The function of these glands is to secrete different types of hormones to the circulatory system for the basic target of regulating the functions of the body according to the demands.

Every gland secrets different hormones and those hormones set off various sorts of activities in different places of the body. The endocrine system provides the full presentation of the chemical information system. The basic functionalities of the endocrine system are development or growth of the body, metabolism, and temper. Even though the hormonal regulation is slow but it is long-lasting.

Key Differences

  1. The nervous system is made of neuron cells while the Endocrine System is made of glands.
  2. Transmission is performed by the electrochemical pulses in nervous system. On the contrary, the Chemicals known as hormones are responsible for signal transmission in Endocrine System.
  3. The nervous system produced signal transmission that is fast but the functions are activated for a very short time. Signal transmission produced by the Endocrine System is slow, but the functions are prolonged for longer period.
  4. The nervous system is continuous in which the cells are interconnected. In contrast, the organs of the Endocrine System are not physically connected as they are discrete in nature.
  5. The nervous system utilizes the neurons to transmit the signal. On the other hand, the circulatory system is used by the Endocrine System to transmit the signals.

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