Nct Fandom Name

NCT Fandom Name: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of NCT, then you may already know that its fandom has a name, NCTzen. But what does this name mean, and how did it come about? In this article, we’ll explore the history behind NCT’s fandom name, as well as everything you need to know about NCTzen.

What is NCT?

NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology, and it’s a South Korean boy group formed by SM Entertainment. The group debuted in 2016, and its concept is unique in that it has an unlimited number of members who can be added or removed from different sub-units depending on their talent and skills.

The group is also known for its innovative music and unique style, which has won them a dedicated following among K-pop fans around the world.

How did NCTzen come about?

NCTzen is a combination of two words: NCT and citizen. It’s a name that was chosen by the members and their fans as a way to represent the unity and connection between NCT and its fans.

The name was first introduced by NCT’s leader, Taeyong, during a V Live broadcast in 2017. Taeyong explained that NCTzen signifies that the fans are citizens of the NCT universe and that they are an essential part of the group’s journey.

Since then, the name has become the official fandom name, and it’s used by NCT and their fans all over the world.

What is the significance of NCTzen?

For NCT, the fandom name represents their shared journey with their fans. The group has always emphasized the importance of unity and connection, and NCTzen reflects that sentiment.

By calling their fans citizens of the NCT world, the group is emphasizing that they are all part of a larger community that shares a love of music and art. That connection has helped to build a strong and dedicated fan base that supports NCT through its various sub-units and concepts.

For fans, NCTzen represents their place within the NCT universe. It’s a way of identifying themselves as part of a larger group and connecting with other fans who share their passion for NCT’s music and style.

NCTzen also gives fans a sense of ownership and responsibility for the group’s success. By being citizens of the NCT world, fans are part of a community that supports and uplifts the group, and they have a stake in its future.

How is NCTzen used?

NCTzen is used in a variety of ways by NCT and its fans. It’s often included in the group’s merchandise, such as lightsticks, albums, and clothes.

Fans also use the name to identify themselves on social media platforms and fan forums, and it’s a way of connecting with other NCT fans around the world.

NCT members frequently use the name during their concerts and fan interactions as a way of acknowledging their fans’ support and connection to the group.

What are the benefits of having a fandom name?

Having a fandom name is common among K-pop groups, and it has several benefits for both the group and its fans.

For the group, a fandom name represents a sense of community and connection with its fans. It’s a way of acknowledging the importance of their fans’ support and giving them a sense of ownership over the group’s success.

For fans, a fandom name represents their place within the group’s universe. It gives them a sense of identity and belonging and connects them with other fans who share their passion for the group’s music and style.

A fandom name also helps to create a sense of unity among fans and can be used to organize fan events, concerts, and other fan activities.


NCTzen is a name that has become synonymous with NCT’s unique style and innovative music. It represents the connection and unity between the group and its fans and gives fans a sense of ownership over the group’s success.

For NCT, having a fandom name is a way of acknowledging the importance of their fans’ support and creating a sense of community within their fan base.

Overall, NCTzen is an excellent example of how a fandom name can help to create a strong and dedicated fan base and foster a sense of connection and belonging among fans worldwide.