Nct 127 Fandom Name

NCT 127 Fandom Name Revamped: Everything You Need to Know

NCT 127 is one of the hottest K-pop boy groups of the moment. Their electrifying performances, catchy tunes, and unique concept make them stand out among the sea of idols. But as much as fans love the group, they need something to call themselves collectively. That’s where the fandom name comes in. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about NCT 127’s fandom name, including its history, meaning, and how it got revamped.

The Origins of NCT 127’s Fandom Name

Before delving into the current fandom name, let’s take a look at the group’s original fandom name. When NCT 127 debuted back in 2016, fans started calling themselves “CTS128,” which stood for “City of Angels, Time Stops at 12.” The name was inspired by the group’s first single “Fire Truck,” which has a catchy chorus that goes “City of Angels, naege takhae.” Fans also interpreted the “127” as a reference to the group’s hometown of Seoul’s longitude coordinates.

However, as time went on, fans felt that the name didn’t quite fit the group’s image, which had evolved beyond the themes of “City of Angels” and “Fire Truck.” Therefore, they started looking for a new fandom name that better encapsulated NCT 127’s identity.

The Revamping of the Fandom Name

In early 2021, NCT 127 announced a new project called “NCTzen 127,” which aimed to update and rebrand their fandom name. The group invited fans to submit their ideas and suggestions for the new name, and after a thorough review process, they settled on “NCTzens.”

So what does “NCTzen” mean? The name is a combination of “NCT,” which stands for “Neo Culture Technology,” and “citizen.” The term “citizen” implies a sense of belonging and connection to the group, as well as a commitment to supporting them. The “Zen” part of the name adds a playful twist to the otherwise straightforward name and gives it a unique flair.

How the Fans Reacted to the Change

Of course, any name change is bound to cause some mixed reactions among fans. However, the majority of NCTzens seem to be on board with the new name. After all, “NCTzen” is more inclusive and easier to remember than the previous fandom name. It also aligns with the group’s futuristic and innovative concept, as well as their global appeal.

On social media, fans have been sharing their fan art, memes, and even merchandise featuring the new name. Some of them have also been discussing the potential sub-fandom names for each member, such as “Yutazen” for Yuta fans or “Markzen” for Mark fans.

Why Fandom Names Matter

You might be wondering why fandom names are such a big deal in K-pop. The answer is simple: they create a sense of community and identity. When fans unite under a fandom name, they’re not just supporting a group; they’re forming a bond with like-minded individuals who share the same passion and admiration for their favorite idols. Fandom names also give fans a way to express their creativity and love in various forms, such as fan art, fanfiction, or fan events.

In addition, fandom names can also be a powerful marketing tool for K-pop companies. They help to create buzz and recognition around a group, as well as potentially increase sales and fan engagement. Therefore, it’s crucial for fandom names to be memorable, meaningful, and relevant to the group’s image and concept.


In summary, NCT 127’s fandom name has gone through an evolution and revamping process, culminating in the new name “NCTzens.” The name combines “NCT” and “citizen” and represents a sense of belonging and connection to the group, as well as a commitment to supporting them. Fans have mostly welcomed the change and embraced the new name as a way to unite and express their love for NCT 127. Fandom names may seem like a small aspect of K-pop culture, but they hold a significant impact on fans and the industry as a whole.