Murder vs. Aggravated Murder

Murder and aggravated Murder are the first felonies that involve the loss of life that carry harsh punishments or perhaps the death penalty. Still, they are different as Murder is a punishable law with severe penalties since it includes the death of a person. Aggravated Murder, on either side, occurs when a murder is carried out in connection with other offenses, accused had prepared to perform the crime before it happens.

Comparison Chart

BasicMurderAggravated murder
Definitionintentionally killingrequires thinking and strategy
Examplessuch as ego.Harassment and threat
The victim is killedpurposefully and destroyedkilled under alarming situations.
LawIt is protected by law.Preplanned, cause the death of another person.
Penaltydeath penaltyfines of up to $25,000,

What is Murder?

Murder is defined as the purposeful killing of someone or someone as a result of a violent act, with death as such. It is the unjustified Murder of another human without legal process.

Murder is planned and carried out with purpose. This point of view, which varies depending on the region, distinguishes Murder from other types of illegal activity, such as crime. Murder is considered a significant crime by the majority of social requests.

What is Aggravated Murder?

Aggravated Murder is a criminal act in which the defendant killed somebody knowingly, such as a child under the age of 13 or a police officer who intended to kill. The Murder is surrounded by various situations, such as the victim being shot, whereas another wrongdoing is being committed.

In other words, the phrase ‘aggravated’ refers to a murder in which the killer had planned to kill the victim beforehand.

Key Differences Between Murder and Aggravated Murder

  1. Murder is defined as the intentional killing of some other person. It does not have a valid justification for Murder, such as ego.
  2. Aggravated Murder requires thinking and strategy. Other offences, such as harassment, threat, and attempt to kill, are frequently involved.
  3. In a murder, a victim is killed purposefully and intended to kill. On the other hand, In an Aggravated Murder, a victim is killed in alarming situations.
  4. An essential killing with the intent to kill is referred to as Murder, while aggravated means you performed whatever crime you did, such as Murder, but you also did anything to make it worse.
  5. Murder is done under circumstances that are specifically protected by law. Aggravated Murder is defined as preplanned and planned conduct meant to cause the death of another person.
  6. Aggravated murder accusations carry fines of up to $25,000, as well as the possibility of life in prison or the death penalty in the most extreme cases.


While they both, Murder and Aggravated Murder belongs to killing carried out with the knowledge of the attack. Murder indicates that the criminal intended to murder another person. It refers to a crime that is committed under rare circumstances. The defendant, for instance, was hired to commit a murder. There is no criminal case more delicate or severe than if a human dies. On the other hand, Aggravated Murder is a much more severe crime, it happens when a murderer kills another person while breaking the law.

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