Ms. vs. Miss vs. Mrs.

“Ms.” can being used to refer any woman married or unmarried as it does not depend on marital status of woman. “Miss” is always used for a woman who is unmarried while “Mrs.” should be used to refer a married woman.

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Ms. vs. Miss vs. Mrs.

Comparison Chart

Basis of distinctionMs.MissMrs
DefinitionMs. is used to refer any woman regardless of their marital status.Its used to refer an unmarried woman.Its used to refer a married woman.
PronunciationPronounced as /’miz/, /məz/, or /məs/pronounced as /’mis/pronounced as /’mis/
PluralMss. or Mses.MissesMmes. or Mesdames
UsageUsually used with a woman’s last name.Usually used with a woman’s last name.Usually used with a woman’s last name.
Marital StatusMarried or unmarried.Unmarried.Married.
OriginOriginated in 20th century.Originated in 17th century.Originated in 17th century.

What is Ms.?

Ms. is an English honorific word used with the full name of a woman either she is married or unmarried. Ms. can’t be used without the name of person. Ms. is being used in English literature since 17th century along with two other worlds like Miss and Mrs. This word was formally drawn from Mistress. The term was most used in the 1970 than even before when women started becoming empowered and created their stance in the business world. The title was introduced as similarity to male honored words Sir and Mr. which is also used for male either he is married or unmarried.

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What is Miss?

Miss is an English honorific world traditionally used only for an unmarried woman. This world was first time used in 17th century as a contraction of mistress. In some countries of United States, it is used to call a girl that are under the age of 18. In past it was also used as business title or tile position like Miss World or Miss Universe. In some countries, it is also used to refer to a female teacher. The usage of the world Miss has been decreased but still some people used this world to address a young lady.

Key Differences

  1. Miss is used to call an unmarried women while Ms. is used for both married and unmarried women.
  2. Miss is specifically used for unmarried woman and also used in some countries to address female teacher and title of position like Miss World, and Miss Universe, etc. Ms. is used to call any woman to address her if her name is unknown.
  3. Miss is derived from the Mistress while Ms. is used for females as an alternative to Mr. and Sir for males.
  4. Miss is simply pronounced as ‘mis’ while Ms. is pronounced as ‘miz’.

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