Movie vs. Film

Movie and Film are the pictures as considered to be a common word. But technically both are different. The basic purpose of making the picture differs in them. Film is generally made for artist and is informative with a lesson. The purpose behind Film is not to earn profit. Movie is generally made for entertainment attracting the maximum audience. The purpose behind Movie is to earn profit.

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Movie vs. Film

Contents: Difference between Movie and Film

What is Film?

Film is a picture which is not aimed for profit but it is a piece of art conveying the information and lesson to the audience. It is mostly liked and watched by artist type people or the people who belongs to the literature. Blue Velvet is a film as it is an art film.

What is Movie?

Movie is the source of entertainment, attracting the audience as it is made according to the liking of the audience. It is aimed for the maximum profit. Star Trek is a movie, as it is not an art and attracting the audience for entertainment.

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Key Differences between Movie and Film

  1. Film is an art picture while movie is not an art movie.
  2. Film is not aimed for profit earning but movie is aimed for profit earning.
  3. Movie is the source of entertainment but film is not the source of entertainment.
  4. Film is the source of too information but movie is not too much informative.
  5. Film has a great lesson behind it but the lesson behind movie is not too high.
  6. Target audience of film are artists while target audience of movie are common people.
  7. Blue Velvet is a film as it is a piece of art while Star Trek is a movie as it is an entertainment.
  8. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(2004)” is a film as it is an art while “The Empire Strikes Back (1980)” is a successful movie as it attracted the common people and earned a lot of profit as well.
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