More Smart Or Smarter

In the world of education and intellectual discussions, the words “smart” and “smarter” are frequently used interchangeably. However, these two words are not only distinct, but they also have different connotations.

The term ‘smart’ generally refers to one’s ability to learn quickly or to excel academically. However, being academically competent doesn’t guarantee that one can adapt to real-life situations. Smart individuals many times get caught off guard or have difficulty adapting to new surroundings.

Being smarter than someone else means that you are able to assess a situation and come up with a solution more efficiently than them. Smarter individuals have the power of judgment that allows them to handle unique problems by thinking outside the box and with an intuitive sense. They tend to do better with a diversity of situations, making them less likely to panic when something unexpected happens.

To illustrate the difference between smartness and being smarter, consider a business scenario. A smart businessman may know how to read a business plan, strategize budgets, and keep track of the fiscal health of a firm. However, when things shift, they may struggle. On the contrary, a smarter business mind can comprehend new developments, analyze them, and then strategize accordingly.

Smarter individuals make use of their knowledge and intelligence to create opportunities and solutions. They don’t limit their thinking to academic pursuits, but instead, keep an open mind to other fields of knowledge, such as art, literature, and music. This helps them to make the link between different sets of knowledge, leading to imaginative problem-solving.

Although smartness is an essential trait, it may not be enough to succeed in today’s world. Nowadays, life is more about effectively tackling the problems and obstacles encountered in the day-to-day routine, making being smarter a vital attribute.

The Reason Why Being Smarter is More Critical Than Being Smart In Today’s World

Being smarter in today’s world means that one can adapt to circumstances and find solutions to complex problems more effectively. In our contemporary world, there is an ever-increasing need for individuals to be all-rounders. Being smart alone is beginning to show its limitations, making it necessary to combine being smart with being smarter.

The modern world presents us with issues that can’t be solved by academic competence alone. Tech-driven challenges, such as cyber attacks or cyber scams, require individuals that can grasp technological advancement to combat them. Smarter people tend to learn faster and can easily adapt to new tech concepts and take on a more tech-savvy approach with ease.

Furthermore, the world presents cultural and social issues that a smart mind alone cannot solve. For example, issues of discrimination, inequality, or social justice need an open-minded individual who can examine such cases with empathy, consideration, and awareness. Being smarter means to possess better discernment, which is vital when handling complex scenarios and ensures the rights and interests of all parties are addressed.

Being smarter also allows one to develop creative and innovative methods to achieve their goal. In today’s world, being innovative means being able to generate novel solutions to complex problems. Furthermore, another significant aspect of intelligence is one’s emotional quotient (EQ). Being emotionally intelligent means having an insight into people’s intonations and emotions and responding accordingly to situations. Smarter people tend to have a better emotional quotient.

Being smarter in today’s world requires more than just academic intelligence. Individuals must be intuitive, progressive, imaginative, and adaptive to unique situations.


Being smart and being smarter are two different things. While being smart attracts attention at the academic level, being smarter brings attention in real-life scenarios. In today’s world, being smarter has become an essential trait that individuals must possess to be successful in their personal and professional endeavors. Today’s world presents us with unique problems that smartness cannot solve alone. However, being smarter enables individuals to think outside of the box and offer innovative and creative solutions. Individuals possessing this trait tend to not only excel in their personal and professional life but also identify themselves as influential and successful members of society. Being smarter is crucial to make a significant difference in today’s world.