Mom\’S Vs Moms

Moms vs Mom’s: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to the English language, it can be very tricky to understand the proper usage of words, especially when it comes to possessives. One of the most commonly made mistakes is with the use of apostrophes. When referring to “Mom’s” or “Moms,” it can be confusing to know which one to use, and when. In this article, we’re going to explore the difference between “Moms” and “Mom’s.”


The word “Moms” is the plural form of mother. It is used to talk about multiple mothers or a group of mothers collectively. For example, “The moms enjoyed their coffee while the children played.” Here, the term “moms” refer to more than one mother.

When using “Moms,” it’s important to remember that it doesn’t require an apostrophe. The word “Moms” is already plural and doesn’t need the apostrophe to show possession. However, if you want to talk about something that belongs to multiple mothers, you would use the plural possessive form “Moms’.” For instance, “The Moms’ meeting was held yesterday.”


On the other hand, if you want to refer to something that belongs to one mother, then you use the possessive form “Mom’s.” For instance, “I borrowed Mom’s car last night.” Here, the apostrophe is added to show possession.

It is essential to note that “Mom’s” is not the same as “Moms’.” While “Mom’s” is the singular possessive form of mother, “Moms’” is the plural possessive form of mother, as mentioned earlier.

When to use Moms and Mom’s

The rule of thumb is that “Moms” is used when you’re referring to two or more mothers, while “Mom’s” is used when you’re referring to just one mother. When it comes to the possessive form, you still apply the same concept: “Moms’” is used to show possession by multiple mothers, while “Mom’s” denotes possession by one mother.

For instance, “The Moms’ who attended the baby shower all contributed gifts for the expectant mother. In contrast, “The Mom’s gift was the most expensive of them all.” Here, the plural possessive form “Moms’” clearly shows that each mother contributed a gift, while the singular possessive form “Mom’s” identifies the gift that belongs to a single mother.

Moreover, “Moms” is usually used in informal and relaxed conversations or situations, while “Mom’s” is typically used in a more formal context, such as formal writing.


Knowing when to use “Mom’s” and “Moms” can help you effectively communicate your message to the reader. Remember, “Moms” is the plural form, and it is used when referring to multiple or a group of mothers. It doesn’t need an apostrophe to show possession. Meanwhile, “Mom’s” is the singular possessive form and is used to convey possession by one individual mother. It’s crucial to remember that correct usage is essential to good written and spoken communication.