Modern Art vs. Postmodern Art
Modern Art vs. Postmodern Art

Modern” and “post-modern” are the terms that were developed in 20 centuries. Modernism started in the 1890s and lasted drawer 1945. Before the Second World War, the Post Modernism Era began in the year of 1968. “Modern” is the term that defines the passé and could be observed in the era starting from the year of the 1890s to 1945. The Post-modern” era refers to the period Second World War. Modern art was declared to be out of date after 1945.

Both of these terms have many differences when considering the subject of arts in particular. That is the modern art which is based on simplicity and grace, but the post-modern art, on the other side, is measured to be decorative and elaborated by nature. During that epoch, Post-Modernist denied the application of rational thinking.

Post Modernism is based on the unspecified state of knowledge and a non-totalized anarchical. That modernist thinking is about the search for an intellectual truth of life while the post-modernist theorists believe that there is no universal truth at all. The essential difference between modernism and post-modernism is the era through the media is Modernist considers the unique works as reliable while post-modernist theorists base their views on hyper-reality they get highly prejudiced by things propagated.

A post-modern thinker bottoms his views on hyper-reality whereas the modern thinker only painstaking original works as genuine. While using the post-modern approach, it is a sure thing that the users have the subjective approach while the artists using the modern approach were theoretical, objective and analytical by nature. It is the kind of a modern thinker that he or she likes to learn from the participation of the past and in a similar manner, he/she has more trust in the concepts that tell about the history.

While a post-modern thinker does not have any limitation like those. The artists who believe in the Post-modern art are considered intricate and decorative, and the modern art users are stuck on the elegance and simplicity concepts.

Definition of Modern Art

Modern is the art that is related to logical and rational thinking. The modern approach was objective, theoretical, and analytical. The past and also has much trust in the text that tells about the past a modern theorist considers in learning from the involvements. When a modern thinker examines a subject by going deep, the post-modern thinker does not trust in the exhaustive analysis. In modernism, a coherent worldview there was an attempt to develop.

Modern Art vs. Postmodern Art
Modern Art vs. Postmodern Art

Modern art is based on grace and simplicity when modern thinkers consider truth as objective when modern philosophy is based on effect and cause. Elegance and simplicity are the key features of modern art. The modern artists wish to learn from the participation of the past because their approach is theoretical, objective and analytical.

Definition of Post-Modern Art

A post-modern theorist does not have traditional beliefs. The text that tells about the past is of no use in the present-day times according to the thought of the post-modernist. That is the primary cause the post-modern thinker does not believe in the in-depth investigation. A post-modern philosopher considers decency as relative. Post-modern art is seen as decorative and elaborate. Post-modern philosophy is based on chance only. The post-modern thinkers believe the truth as comparative and based.

The post-modernists involve politics in everything it can also be seen whereas modernists are not that political. Some aspects that occurred or developed in its outcome postmodern art are a body of art activities that required reversing some aspects of modernism. In general, Multimedia, particularly concerning video is defined as postmodern movements such as Intermediary, Appropriate art. By nature, Post-modern art is complicated and pleasing to the eye. The post-modern artists don’t have to isolate their learning from the participation of the past as their approach is subjective.

Key Differences between Modern Art and Postmodern Art

The difference between Modern Art and Postmodern Art can be drawn clearly on the following grounds:

  1. The evolution of the Post-modern art can be seen mainly after 1968 and therefore, it is referred to the period after 1968 till today. The modern art, in contrast, is the tenure that describes the period from the 1890s to 1945.
  2. The post-modern approach was subjective while the modern approach was theoretical, objective and analytical.
  3. A modern thinker trusts in learning from the participation of the past and also has more confidence in the text that tells about the past. On the contrary, a post-modern thinker does not have such beliefs.
  4. Post-modern art is considered intricate and decorative while modern art is stuck on elegance and simplicity.

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