Micro USB vs. Mini USB
Micro USB vs. Mini USB

Micro USB and mini USB are basically two different connectors of USB. Sometimes both are available on same USB cable and sometime separately in form of connectors or along with standard USB. You have seen many charging or data cables of MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, printers, scanners and lot of electronic devices. All are these kinds of micro and mini USB and are male USB. And the port, which you see on the back or front side of your computer or in your cell phone and cameras are USB ports and are female USB. After bird’s eye view of both end of cable now we will discuss them one by one.

What is Mini USB?

Mini USB is a smaller USB than standard USB, which you see at that end of charger or data cable, which is connect with digital camera or mobile. If you ever chance to examine the standard USB, you will observe that it has four pins. While in mini USB there are five pins. In fact four pins are in operative state and fifth extra pin is an ID pin which is designed for future upgrading in the properties of mini USB. Mini USB often works in one direction, either for sending and receiving of storage data or as a charger connector. Mini USB cycle life is 5,000 connects and disconnects. That means after injection and ejection for 5,000 time, it will be useless.

Micro USB vs. Mini USB
Micro USB vs. Mini USB

What is Micro USB?

Micro USB is also like mini USB and smaller than standard USB. It also comes in the form of data cable, charger or connector of digital cameras and mobiles. Unlike mini USB its cycle life is extended up to 10,000 connects and disconnects. Normally the female USB ports of cameras and mobiles are for micro USB ports. Its main function is to transfer the data or charging received from the other side of USB ports or adapter. It has also five pins and all of its pins are operative included ID pin in micro USB AB. By this feature now these cables can perform two functions in smartphone and tablets. They can send the storage data in two way direction and also works as charging connectors.

Key Differences between Micro USB and Mini USB

  1. Although both mini USB and micro USB have five pins. But ID pin, which is inoperative in mini USB, worked in micro USB AB.
  2. Mini USB has 5,000 cycle life while micro USB has 10,000 cycle life.
  3. Mostly mini USB has single purpose. Either it is used to transfer of storage data or act as charger connector. While due to extra fifth operative ID pin, micro USB AB can perform two functions. At the same time it work as a charger connector and channel for transfer of storage data.
  4. Mini USB can be attached to large number of devices in comparison to micro USB. It can be connect to computer, laptop, smart phone and digital cameras. For example printer and scanner cables are mini USB cables and always connects to computer and laptops. While micro USB always connects to smartphone and digital cameras.
  5. Sooner or later micro USB will be the primary USB cables for mobiles because recently all mobile companies signed an agreement to make micro USB ports for charging and connectivity.

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