Measles vs Rubella
Measles vs. Rubella

The term of the Measles is used for a viral infection that is referred to as rubeola. The outcomes of the measles are more serious because they are able to cause permanent damage to the victim of that disease. The rubella, on the other side, is also called the German measles and it is a matter of open reality that the results generated from this disease is relatively not severing. The Rubella is known as the three day illness in addition present in children but not capable of leading to any complications at all. The German measles is not a favorable condition for a pregnant woman in particular because it can generate some severe consequences with the expected babies consisting of the cataract, deafness or mental retardation. The chances of miscarriage of the pregnant woman containing the rubella are high. The major signs of the patient having the rubella disease are the distinctive red rashes on the body. The measles is the ailment which will carry on for more than a few days and therefore, it is more harmful than that of the rubella. The vaccine effective for the prime goal of getting prevention from the Rubella virus is the rubella vaccine whereas the MMR vaccine is available for the similar purpose.

What is Measles?

The Measles is famous with the names of the morbilli, rubeola, or red measles as well. The nature of the measles is a highly contagious infection and it is caused by the measles virus. The initial signs and symptoms of the measles are the presence of the fever that will be greater than 40 °C (104.0 °F) in most of the cases along with the conditions of the cough, runny nose, and red eyes in the victims. After sustaining these conditions for two or three days, the appearance of the small white spots inside the mouth may be started which are called the Koplik’s spots in general. A red colored flat rash will appear on the face most of the time but spread throughout the body within three to five days is expected. The major Symptoms of the measles will be developed in the time span of 10 to 12 days resulting in the exposure to a fully infected person. In measles, the Complications will come in front in the form of diarrhea, blindness, inflammation of the brain, in addition to the pneumonia in the patient. The most effective option available to get rid of this problem is the utilization of the MMR vaccine.

Measles vs Rubella
Measles vs. Rubella

What is Rubella?

The rubella looks very similar to the measles and is commonly called the German measles or three-day measles. As the name implies, the rubella infection is performed by the rubella virus in the victims. By nature, the rubella disease is mild in most of the patients and it is a true fact that about 50% patients don’t realize the presence of this sickness. After the initiation of the rubella, the victim may feel a rash that may start around two weeks and will be demolished after three days. The starting point of these rashes is usually the face and after that the rest of the body faces the same condition. The emergence of these rashes is far less bright than that of the measles and they may cause uncomfortable situation for the patient. The most common symptoms of the Rubella are fever, sore throat, and fatigue as well as the adult’s joint pain. If the Rubella patients face Complications, then they may get the problems of bleeding, testicular swelling, and the inflammation of the nerves. For the women expecting babies, the Rubella is not a mild problem as it is able to generate the congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) or miscarriage in the newly born children, causing them to have the issues of the eyes like the cataracts, ears having the deafness problem, heart, and brain. But after passing the 20th week of pregnancy, the chances of these issues in the child are minimized. Using the rubella vaccine is the most excellent technique in order to get prevention from this infection seeing that a single dose of this vaccine is capable of more than 95% success rate.

Key Differences between Measles and Rubella

  1. The German measles is caused by the rubella virus but the source of the measles disease is known as the rubeola virus.
  2. As compared to the German measles, the measles is more dangerous.
  3. The disease of the Rubella continues to exist for three days. The measles, on the other hand, will remain for weeks in most of the cases.
  4. The Rubella has become preventable after the introduction of the rubella vaccine while the MMR vaccine is effective to obtain the prevention from the measles disease.