Mars Bar Vs Milky Way

Mars Bar Vs Milky Way: A Battle of the Chocolates

Chocolate bars are a favorite among people of all ages. They are the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a much-needed energy boost. Among the plethora of options available, Mars Bar and Milky Way are two popular chocolate bars that have gained a dedicated fan base. Both bars are quite similar in appearance, but differ in texture, flavor, nutritional value and more.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the Mars Bar and Milky Way and compare them in various aspects to help you pick out your favorite.


To begin with, when it comes to appearance, it’s hard to differentiate between the two bars as they have a similar shape of a rectangular bar with the brand names embossed on them. The outer packaging is also similar with Mars Bar sporting a brown wrapper and Milky Way wrapped in a silver wrapper. The size difference between the bars is quite noticeable with Mars Bar being relatively larger than Milky Way.


The texture is where these two bars begin to differ. Mars Bar has a chewy and slightly crispy texture with its smooth caramel center and soft nougat topped with a layer of chocolate, which gives the bar its signature crunch. The combination of these textures along with the sweet caramel taste makes it an irresistible treat.

On the other hand, Milky Way has a softer texture and feels smoother on the palate. The filling comprises a fluffy light whipped vanilla center that makes it feel almost like a cloud in the mouth. It is then coated with a layer of smooth milk chocolate, giving it a creamy finish.


When it comes to the flavor profile, both candies have their unique taste. The Mars Bar boasts a sweet and slightly nutty flavor attributed to the nougat center that is complemented by the caramel center. Additionally, the chocolate coating gives the bar a rich and velvety dimension. Its overall taste is a combination of sweet and savory, which balances out perfectly to delight your taste buds.

In contrast, the Milky Way has a more subtle flavor, with the vanilla filling being the prominent taste in the bar. The chocolate coating is sweeter, comparatively leading to a balanced flavor profile. If you love a milder flavor profile and prefer chocolates that are not too sweet, the Milky Way might be the better choice for you.


Both Chocolate bars are indulgent treats and are not the healthiest food options. However, it is interesting to compare the nutritional values of the two chocolate bars.

The Mars Bar contains 229 calories and about 9 grams of fat. These fats come from the chocolate coating and the nougat center, which unfortunately make the bar quite high in saturated fats, leading to a higher cholesterol level in the body.

Compared to Mars Bar, Milky Way is comparatively lighter with 210 calories and around 8.3 grams of fat. Nevertheless, it’s still high in sugar and saturated fats. So, it’s essential to consume both of these bars in moderation and as an occasional treat.

Frequent queries

Here are some frequent concerns when it comes to consuming chocolate bars:

1. Are these bars Gluten-free?

No, unfortunately, neither Mars Bar nor Milky Way is gluten-free as they contain wheat and barley ingredients.

2. Can you consume them as part of a healthy diet?

Both bars can be considered part of a balanced diet, but do keep in mind that consuming them regularly might lead to several health issues in the long run. So it’s best to consume them in moderation.

3. Are they suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes, Mars and Milky Way bars are vegetarian-friendly products.


Mars Bar and Milky Way are both delicious chocolate bars that can satisfy your cravings for a sweet treat. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preferences, whether you prefer a more nutty flavor with a crispy texture or a lighter and creamier option. Regardless, it’s good to have an awareness of the nutritional values, and it’s best to consume them in moderation as they do contain sugar and high amounts of fats. So, choose your favorite chocolate bar, and indulge in a little treat that you deserve.